Everything You Missed On Season 2 Of Grace & Frankie

Mark your calendars, because Grace and Frankie is coming back to Netflix on March 24.
For all of you who have yet to be converted to Netflix’s greatest gal pals, Grace and Frankie is about two septuagenarians thrust together in a pretty unexpected life change. Grace (Jane Fonda) is an uptight, martini-drinking, country clubber who founded a successful beauty company. Frankie (Lily Tomlin) is her polar opposite, a free-wheeling artist who believes in the power of moon cycles and the 1960s. The only thing these women have in common is that their husbands are law partners. And then, at the series’ start, what they have in common is that their husbands are leaving them for each other. Suddenly, these lifelong nemeses are in the same boat.
On Season 1 of Grace and Frankie, the women move into Grace's beach house, and slowly fall in a deep friend love. Then, on season 2, Grace and Frankie support each other through adventures in motherhood, dating, and even the occasional lust for ex-husbands.
Here’s where we left off on season 2 to get you all set for the show's return.
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Babe throws the party to end all parties.

As quickly as Grace and Frankie’s best friend Babe bursts onto the scene, she’s gone. Babe briefly comes home from her trip away to plan a giant party. She enlists Frankie’s help to make sure the party’s pulled off just right. In a dark twist, Babe reveals this party’s her real going-out day.

Unfortunately, her cancer was deemed incurable, so Babe decided end her life instead of endure treatment. After deliberation, Frankie agrees to help Babe terminate her life after the party's over.
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Grace and Frankie have love life updates.

Frankie and the Yam Man Jacob's relationship is progressing nicely, to our delight. In fact, toward the end of season 2, Frankie introduced her sons to her yam supplier-cum-boyfriend.

Grace's love life did not go as smoothly on season 2. When Phil Milstein came back into Grace's life, she thought she'd have a second chance at the one who got away. The passion was still there — but the circumstances were still limiting. Following a romantic night out, Grace visits Phil's house, where he currently lives with his dementia-ridden wife. Grace experiences a moral reckoning. Given his marital state, Grace decides she can't be involved with Phil,
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Grace pours herself a whopping cocktail following her breakup.

To cope with the heartache, Grace inserts a bottle of vodka into a watermelon, as one does. As the night progresses, Grace's bender only gets worse. Think "being rambunctious at a bar and getting your car stolen" bad. We still cringe when we remember how terrifically mean Grace was to Frankie through her haze of drunken stupor. Thanks to Jacob, who picks Grace up and carries her to bed.
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Sol and Robert spill the beans on some marital secrets.

After facing some uncomfortable truths from Sol and Robert, Grace and Frankie are both forced to reevaluate their former relationships.

For one, Grace comes upon a “treasure box” of jewels. On each, Robert has written some kind of arbitrary note, like “Happy Birthday,” or “Just because.” Sharp fox that she is, Grace realizes that Robert had just accumulated presents and gave them to her when she was angry. She declares that she now understands a fundamental truth of their marriage: Robert never loved her.

Frankie, too, finds out that Sol systematically lied to her throughout the course of their marriage (and not just because he had been sleeping with Robert). Frankie had always taken pride in the fact that her big painting had been purchased by none other than Kenny Loggins. In reality, Sol posed as Kenny Loggins, purchased the painting, and kept it in the garage. When Frankie asks for the painting back, Sol comes up with an elaborate scheme to hide the truth. Since elaborate schemes never work in sitcom-land, Sol comes clean and tells her Kenny Loggins never owned her painting. Frankie’s embarrassed and disappointed.
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Robert and Sol celebrate new beginnings.

Until this point, Robert and Sol lived in Robert's old house. After years of carrying out their relationship in secret, the pair is growing tired scooting around old memories and associations. So, after a romantic night in, they decide to kickstart a new beginning by moving into a new place.
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Mallory’s just about ready to pop.

At Bud's birthday party, Mallory is practically waddling with twins. Someone who's noticeably absent? Mallory's husband. Mallory admits that he's playing hooky because he’s “stressed” about the twins’ imminent arrival, so she’s given him the day off. How generous. Let’s hope he’s more in the picture next season.
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Grace and Frankie go out with a bang.

Seriously, worst party ever. After Bud's birthday culminates in a ginormous call-out session, Grace comes to Frankie’s rescue. Tired of being written off, Grace and Frankie systematically take down the unique hypocrisy of each family member, and then bust outta there and back to the beach house. Slay, sisters, slay. They leave the party with the fuel necessary to start their new business.
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The women come up with their next big business plan.

Frankie spent season 2 fighting with Brianna over the creative control of her organic, yam-based lube. At the end of the season, the dearly departed Babe continues the season’s theme of sexual liberation by gifting the ever-uptight Grace a vibrator. Only issue? Grace struggles with the grip. At the episode’s end, the women decide to go into business creating a vibrator especially for senior citizens, and we can only hope they go through with it. Once again, Grace and Frankie reaffirms an oft-ignored truth: Older people have desires and yes, sex.

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