Friends Creator Brings Us A New Netflix Comedy Worth Binging On

jane_embedPhoto: BEImages/Matt Baron; REX USA/David Fisher.
Do you ever recognize a name but can’t figure out how you know it? Like Mary-Ellis Bunim, Ryan Murphy, and in this case, Marta Kauffman? It’s a name you saw weekly for 10 years, and now (if your schedule allows) four times a day. Yes, Marta Kauffman created Friends. Let us all give her a big thanks.
Luckily, you'll be seeing her name on screens again soon. Along with Howard J. Morris and Skydance Productions, Kauffman has created a new sitcom for Netflix starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin called Grace and Frankie. Fonda and Tomlin first cracked us up in Nine to Five, and the genius who gave us Ross and Rachel realized that a duo like that has to be brought back. The new series is about two women whose husbands confess they are gay and in love with each other. Obviously, the women have an unusual bond and find solace in one another.
Sounds like Laverne and Shirley meets Friends to us. Kauffman was there to support us in our times of need, and now we will be supporting her, again. Not that it’s a selfless act, because, come on, she created one of our all-time favorite programs! But, this show is bound to be hilarious.
Welcome back, sidesplitting laughter, we've missed you so.

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