New York Fashion Week Street Style Is All About Staying Cool

September Fashion Week in New York can feel like one big contradiction. Brands are showing their spring collections, and yet we only just waved goodbye to summer. We want to start thinking ahead to all of the coats and boots we'll be wearing for the next sixth months, but we're presented with an array of kaftans and bathing suits. It's confusing. That's why, if we're trying to figure out what the hell we're supposed to be wearing right now, we look to the streets.
We may feel caught somewhere in the middle between summer and autumn, but somehow, show-goers find a way to know which days are best for a sundress and which days you can get away with a long trench. So if you too are trying to navigate the month without sweating to death (but also want to push your style, even just a little bit), the outfits ahead will point you in the right direction. Because while we may find ourselves asking 'Do we really want to dress like street style stars anymore?' these looks give us faith that, yes, we just might.