Where We Left Off With TV's Best Friends On New Girl

Photo: Courtesy of FOX/Jeff Lipsky.
Well, the end is officially here, lofties. After nearly a decade of what could be best described as friendship porn, the wildly great BFFs of New Girl will close the door on their FOX comedy with the upcoming seventh and final season. Following a choppy-at-best sixth season, it’s probably for the best.
Yet, as someone who has watched six episodes of New Girl’s closing run, debuting Tuesday, 10th April, I can confirm it’ll be worth your time. In fact, there is one episode so perfectly peak New Girl, complete with at least two overwrought cat plots, I’m essentially counting down the days until I can talk to people about it.
But the only catch for enjoying the wacky, last-ditch comedy antics of Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) & Co. is that it is honestly pretty difficult to remember how season 6 ended, save for That Kiss. For a zany sitcom, there’s a surprising amount of dense plotting to New Girl. And, things might be even more confusing, considering the fact season 7 will begin with a “three-ish”-ish year time jump.
So, to make everything nice and easy, we’ve put together a handy guide to where we left off with all your favourite characters as of season 6 finale, “Five Stars For Beezus.” Keep reading for a much-need stroll down Loft Lane.
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