Riverdale Fans Have A Dark Theory About The "Real Chic"

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Chic is not who he says he is – or so Reddit fans believe. Betty’s long-lost brother has given us the creeps since the beginning. We can’t put our finger on it, but something just doesn’t feel right. Riverdale writers aren’t even trying to hide it. Why else would they pause for those moments where Chic cracks a knowing and sinister grin that only Betty can see? They want us to feel unsettled with him as a new fixture in the Cooper household. Now, Reddit users believe they have figured out why.
We found out in this week’s episode that while Chic and Betty may share the same mother, they don’t share the same father. Sorry Chic, no Blossom blood money for you. Fans on Reddit were quick to elect FP Jones as Chic’s mysterious dad. We know that he and Alice Cooper dated back in high school. Alice denies it, but she doesn’t really have the best reputation when it comes to honesty and secret keeping. FP was all too willing to help Alice and Chic dispose of the body when they killed a strange man who came looking for Chic. You wouldn’t do that for just anyone, even if you did date in high school.
Co-stars Skeet Ulrich and Mädchen Amick have done little to hide their feelings about FP and Alice’s romantic past. Amick regularly shares photos on social media with Ulrich, teasing the fans and telling them to watch out for clues about the former — maybe also future — couple. In a recent interview with Elle, Ulrich corroborated Amick’s claims, saying, “There’s definitely heat between the two of them, and there’s a definite history between the two of them. Whether anything happens going forward is anybody’s guess.” As to whether or not he is Chic’s father, he was a bit more coy. “Love so many people coming up with the theory that FP is Chic’s father like it’s brand new information,” he said, reading a fan’s comment aloud. He added: “I know, right? Like, everybody knows that … or do they?” If this is the case, things could get really awkward for fan favourites Bughead. It’s kind of hard to keep the romance alive when you discover that you share a half-brother.
Leave it to Reddit to make it even darker. While users believe that FP could be Chic’s father, one Reddit theory has people convinced that Chic is not actually Chic. After all, we only know that the man who says he is Chic doesn’t have Blossom blood, we don’t know who else he is or isn’t related to. Fans have been speculating who actually killed the man who showed up at the Cooper’s house looking for Chic a few episodes back. One Reddit user believes that he was Alice’s real estranged son and that she helped Chic do away with him. Now that her real son is out of the way, Chic – if that is his real name – is free to continue pretending to be the long lost Cooper. To what end, we still don’t know.
Alice Cooper may have very well allowed a complete stranger to live in their home, so even if Betty and Jughead share a half-brother, that might be the least of their problems.
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