Betty's Long-Lost Brother Is Coming To Riverdale & I Already Don't Trust Him

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It's not easy be Betty Cooper these days. In addition to possibly having a split personality disorder, Lili Reinhart's iconic Riverdale character had to solve a grisly murder, deal with her boyfriend Jughead (Cole Sprouse) joining the Southside Serpents, and navigate her parents' "maple syrup blood feud" with the Blossom clan.
But just when you thought the Cooper family drama was over, there's more afoot: According to TVLine, Betty's brother Chic is coming to Riverdale, and he could be more villainous than his folksy name makes him sound.
Betty's brother was first teased in the season 1 finale, when Alice Cooper (Madchen Amick) revealed that she had a baby while in high school, just like her daughter Polly (Tiera Skovbye). However, unlike Polly, who has plans to keep her Blossom/Cooper incest twins (it's complicated), Alice gave up her son for adoption. Now, according to TVLine, we'll officially meet that son midway through the show's second season.
Chic, like most of the other characters on Riverdale has a place in the Archie Comics universe, though his backstory is already wildly different. For one thing, he's definitely a Cooper, one who, according to the (short) official Archie Comics' Wiki page for the character, Betty's cat Caramel has an affinity for. He's also apparently a "secret agent for the government," which somewhat explains his absence in many of the comics.
Personally, I'd love for Riverdale to riff on this weird little factoid. Maybe Chic's "cover story" –the one he tells the Coopers when he finally meets his biological family – is that he works for the government, but really, he's there for far more nefarious reasons.
Conspiracy theory time: What if Chic is secretly the masked man who shot, and possibly even killed, Archie's dad Fred Andrews (Luke Perry)? That would certainly complicate things for Betty. And if there's one thing that Riverdale loves to do, it's complicate things for poor Coop.
Needless to say, I can't see Chic's arrival as a happy family reunion, but it'll certainly be an intriguing one.

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