Macaulay Culkin Tells Anna Faris About Losing His Virginity At 15

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Macaulay Culkin is having a moment. The Home Alone actor-turned-rocker has hopped back into the public eye with a brand-new haircut to promote the launch of his satirical lifestyle website, Bunny Ears, and just generally make people laugh. Earlier this month, he even managed to make a live-tweeting session funny, which can be a difficult thing to do if you're not Saturday Night Live's Leslie Jones.
But, between tweeting photos of himself in a tux making ramen and hanging with his new love interest (who's rumored to be Disney star Brenda Song), Culkin made some time to talk about love and sex with Mom actress Anna Faris on her podcast, Unqualified.
While Faris has used her podcast in the past to talk about her divorce from Chris Pratt and the cheating rumors that followed, she kept things lighthearted this time around by asking when Culkin, if he had kids, would want them to lose their virginities. Nothing to see here folks, just a totally normal conversation here. OK, that couldn't be further from the truth, because things got pretty weird.
"I was about 15, so I think that would be the floor, the youngest I would be OK with them," Culkin replied. "It's one of those things when you have a kid, I'm assuming, that you want to be on top of all that kind of stuff. At the same time, they are their own people. So 15, it's my floor."
He then joked that he'd want his kids to be 32 and married before asking Faris if anyone would "even want to know" about their child's sex life. Her response was actually quite great. Instead of saying, "Ew, why would you ask that," she said that, down the line, she just wants to make sure that her son doesn't have unrealistic expectations about his "first time" and doesn't feel pressured to be perfect in bed off the bat.
Culkin then butted in and insisted that his first time was "special."
"Mine was special. It wasn't gross or weird. We planned it," he said. "It was warm and sticky, and I felt like, 'Geez, this is weird. Am I doing it right?' And, also, we listened to the White Album, so there you go."
That may be the strangest humblebrag we've ever heard, but it's good to know he had a memorable experience.

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