You Might Not Recognize Macaulay Culkin With His Hot New Haircut

Macaulay Culkin, who is most famous for his role in Home Alone, is one of those celebrities who are either constantly rumored to be dead (seriously, "Macaulay Culkin dead" is one of the top Google results for him) or is making headlines for bizarre things like rocking out in a band called The Pizza Underground or creating a DIY Aladdin movie with Adam Green.
But something he doesn't get called out for often is his looks. That's probably because for the past couple of years, he's been rocking stringy long locks of hair that make him look like Kid Rock.
So, today I was pleasantly surprised when I saw headlines like, "Macaulay Culkin's Hunky Makeover," "Macaulay Culkin May Have Already Won 2017's Greatest Makeover," and my personal favorite, "Macaulay Culkin No Longer Looks Like A Slob."
In case you forgot, here's what the 36-year-old former child actor looked like before the new cut.
Photo: Robert Kamau/GC Images/Getty Images
No hat could trick us into thinking that hair had been recently washed.
Now, for the big reveal on how he currently looks.
Are you ready?
This might just blow you away.
Photo: Splash News
Oh my God. If it weren't for the same red nail polish and rings, I might not have believed that this was the same person from the previous photo. We're loving the disheveled-on-purpose chop that we bet requires minimal styling. As GQ notes, it looks like Culkin has been doing some bulkin', too.
Twitter, of course, has some thoughts.
"Never thought I'd say this but Macauley [sic] Culkin can get it," one read.
"Is it okay to say Macauley Culkin is hot today, because God heckin' Dayum," another tweeted.
Could this be the year of the comeback for Culkin? We're not sure yet, but you can bet we'll be watching.

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