Leslie Jones' Olympic Fashion Commentary Deserves A Gold Medal

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Much like she did during the Rio Olympics in 2016, Leslie Jones' commentary of the PyeongChang Olympic Games has proven she has a knack for adding a little humor to the events. This time around, it seems the SNL star's main focus has been giving candid critiques of the athletes' outfits on Twitter — and we are definitely here for it.
A snowstorm delayed Jones' arrival in South Korea, but it didn't stop her from giving her hot takes. She began her unfiltered commentary on Thursday, live-tweeting the early skiing and skating events from her hotel room in Atlanta. We don't know what NBC has planned for her on the air, but it's hard to imagine it being more fun than what she had to say about the male figure skaters' outfits.
First, she was skeptical of some of the mens' choices, like suspenders.
Then she went off on this guy's miniature red tie. "I need to know who is picking these damn outfits!" she said. "What the hell is — what the — is he a little Dutch boy? What is happening? Do the men not get nice outfits?"
Of course, Jones had nothing but praise for American skater Nathan Chen's sleek black-and-gray suit. "This is an outfit right here, son," she said. "What! Is this the Black Panther?"
Jones was back to critical mode during the pairs program, getting delightfully vicious about any men's costumes that didn't seem up to par. "I can't stand his shirt! I swear I hate his shirt so much, it's like he made it himself," she said. "Her outfit is so pretty and his shirt is like a greeter at Walmart."
It was exactly like having a BFF on the couch with us during a red carpet show.
If only all the skaters had the same stylist as skater-turned-commentator Johnny Weir. Jones truly loved his ruby-red sequined jacket — "I am living for it, daughter!" — and his pompadour, which looked quite familiar to her.
"For real, I wore my hair like this for the BET Awards," she reminded fans.
Jones sort of accidentally earned her ticket to Rio with her cheerleading live tweets, but this year she already had an official spot on the NBC Sports payroll. “Experiencing the Olympics through the lens of Leslie is unlike anything else," Jim Bell, NBC's president of Olympics production and programming, told the Hollywood Reporter in January. "Her passion for Team USA is contagious, and her adventures in South Korea should be fascinating."
Unfortunately, the comedian tweeted that she was resting during the Opening Ceremony, so we've yet to hear what she thought of those costumes. We're sure she'll make up for it in the next two weeks, though.
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