This New Game Of Thrones Poster Wants You To Choose Who You're Rooting For

Warning: Spoilers for Game Of Thrones ahead.
It's never too soon for more Game Of Thrones news. While this isn't a crazy theory or some kind of behind-the-scenes scoop, it is maybe one of the first HBO-approved elements from season 8 — although the network was probably hoping we wouldn't see it yet. Collider got their hands on a GOT season 8 promotional poster made for the Licensing Expo, where the outlet reports many entertainment companies display their promos and other art that hasn't been released anywhere else. Or, er, usually hasn't. You can see the new poster over here.
There's nothing too earth-shattering about this poster, but it does solidify a few facts once and for all, like the fact that the show will be coming back in 2019, that winter will continue to be a huge theme (check those ice flecks in the corners), and that the key players are the Starks, the Targaryens, and the Lannisters. Now we just need to decide who we're rooting for.
If you want the real gossip, however, then we have some of that as well. Earlier this month, a video someone took of the GOT set in Belfast was making rounds on the internet after it showed the walls of Winterfell going up in flames. Belfast Live confirmed the flames were part of a battle scene that involved 400 to 500 extras.
Then there's this Reddit post that has a pretty convincing list of predictions for the final season, including Jaime killing Cersei, Daenerys getting pregnant, and Jon becoming king of the seven kingdoms.
Unfortunately none of that is either disproved or substantiated by this poster. But it's still nice to know things are getting more real, right?
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