There’s A Huge Game Of Thrones Spoiler Burning Up The Internet

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
It should be obvious from the title, but if you're not a fan of spoilers, then click away from this article right now. Someone took a video of the Game Of Thrones set in Belfast and its meaning is pretty clear: Winterfell is up in flames.
The short clip, posted by Watchers On The Wall, shows the unmistakable walls of Winterfell absolutely covered in flames, and Belfast Live confirms the flames were intentional and a part of a gigantic battle that apparently involved 400 to 500 extras. 400 to 500 extras doing what?
There are so many possibilities as to what this could be. Fire is the only thing that can kill wights, so perhaps this was done on purpose by the Starks to save the family — but that's probably an optimistic guess. It could be the result of a war tactic from Cersei, who, as we saw in season 6, has no problem putting entire cities up in flames. Or, they're doing what WOTW says they did in season two and six for the wildfire, which is use regular fire for filming that they then change in editing to be the blue "flame" of Viserion. No matter how you slice it, Winterfell is toast.
As for its inhabitants, that's anyone's guess. It seems each person I ask has a different theory for who is going to survive all the way to the series' conclusion, but I can't imagine Game Of Thrones would be as cruel as to wipe out the entire stark family...right?
Don't let this spoiler get you too geared up, however. There's still a ways to go until season 8 returns in 2019. Rather than freaking out, maybe we should savor this moment. This is the last time we'll ever be putting together the pieces of GOT spoilers. Once this season is over, it's gone — one could say: in a puff of smoke.
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