A New Riverdale Theory Says That Kevin Is Basically The Worst

Photo: Courtesy of the CW Network
We may know who killed Jason Blossom on Riverdale, but the CW drama brought out an even bigger mystery with its sophomore season. We have no clue who the murderer who calls himself the Black Hood really is, and with every passing episode it seems we're not any closer to solving this particular mystery. However, that hasn't stopped fans from theorising all about this "angel of death" — and suspecting beloved Riverdale characters of the worst. One particularly intriguing theory? That Casey Cott's Kevin Keller is secretly the Black Hood — or, at least, one iteration of him.
I'll be honest: I suspected that Kevin was the killer back in season 1, considering that he found Jason's body and is the son of the sheriff, therefore giving him access to evidence the rest of the characters wouldn't be privy to. Obviously, that's not what happened — but it doesn't mean that Kevin is without a dark side.
This fan theory, by Reddit user Kvelynm, suggests that while Kevin might not be a bonafide killer, he could be the person that his best friend Betty (Lili Reinhart) has been speaking to on the phone. This version of the Black Hood seems particularly fond of Betty — but what if it's actually just her friend playing a cruel prank at retaliation?
In the Riverdale episode "Watcher In the Woods," Betty tells Kevin to stop "cruising" in the woods. Kevin (rightly) calls Betty out for not understanding that, as a young gay man in a small town, Kevin doesn't have the same romantic options that she does. It's the biggest fight we've ever seen these two have with one another, and yet, in the next episode, it's like their fight never happened. Could it be because Kevin was exacting revenge?
I know, dark thoughts — but Kvelynm's fan theory is rather compelling.
"Sheriff Keller told Alice the letter to the Riverdale Register was written by someone different than the letter to Betty, and I have a theory that it was Kevin, and that Kevin has also been the one calling Betty. He has a motive (being upset about Betty going to his dad about his cruising the woods), he would know that Betty would tell Archie about the conversations, and he would know that she loved Nancy Drew as a child. It would also explain the 'I don’t like sharing you' line, because he and Betty are best friends. Kevin got over their fight waaaay too quickly, and the writers said there would be more of a storyline for him this season. Maybe this is it."
There's one big problem with this theory: If it is true, I don't know how Kevin and Betty could come back from it. Here's hoping that it's the real Black Hood calling Betty, because this is one friendship I'd only like to see get stronger.

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