All The Clues That Pointed Towards Riverdale's Murderer The Entire Time

Warning: Spoilers about Riverdale episode 12 — and therefore the identity of Jason Blossom’s murder — are ahead.
After twelve long weeks of watching Riverdale season 1, we’ve finally learned who the hell killed Jason Blossom. We had to watch a lot of acoustic guitar performances, Scooby Doo shenanigans, and high school drama to get here, but we’re here nonetheless. The identity of Jason Blossom’s murderer is…his own father Clifford Blossom.
As Twitter can tell you, that news is absolutely shocking. But, when you sit down and think about it, the reveal of Jason’s killer isn’t all that surprising. We know, how could it be obvious someone killed their own child? Well the clues were always there if you were obsessively looking for them.
We scoured the first twelve episodes of Riverdale for all the hints that Clifford was the culprit all along. Scroll through the gallery to see them all, including an eye-opening tidbit about the Cooper family name.
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The Wigs

In "To Riverdale And Back," Polly decides to explore the cast-off Crimson Peak set that is Thornhill Manor. Upon entering the Blossom parents’ wing of the estate, she happens upon Clifford’s haunting wig room, which is filled to the brim with different red hair pieces.

Literally no one posses a room like this unless they have something (murderous) to hide.
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The Ring

Jason was the last person to have the mysterious Blossom family heirloom ring, since he planned to give it to Polly. In the very incriminating "Riverdale And Back," Polly and Cheryl find the bling in the Blossom parents’ walk-in closet.

Although Cheryl attempts to explain away their finding — claiming Jason threw it at Clifford before escaping Riverdale — it’s clear one of Jason’s parents were actually involved in his murder.
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Clifford’s Strangely Nice Compliment For Cheryl

After Polly finds the ring, Cheryl tells her parents she flushed it down the toilet to protect the family. Clifford is immediately so proud of his daughter and her cunning trickery, saying that quality makes her a "real Blossom," unlike Jason.

If Clifford doesn't even see Jason as his true son, it's unlikely he would feel terrible about killing him.
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Jason’s Bizarre Plan To Flee Riverdale

As FP notes in "Anatomy Of A Murder," it’s weird that rich kid Jason was doing petty drug deals before fleeing town with his pregnant girlfriend, which viewers first heard about at the very beginning of Riverdale.

This fact hints something was seriously wrong between Jason and his parents. There’s only two explanations here and both point towards a murderous motive. Either the Blossoms were so angry at their son they were willing to let him become a pauper, or something was very wrong with the Blossom family money, Jason didn’t want a single dime. Both possibilities end up being true.
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The Secret Meaning Of Cooper

A quick Google search would have told you the Blossoms have always been cool with killing family members. The definition of Cooper is "a maker or repairer of casks and barrels." You know what they put in casks and barrels? Maple syrup, AKA the Blossom family’s specialty.

The name connection, as noticed by Redditor PLX-One, was a huge hint the Coopers were relatives of the Blossoms the entire time. Betty’s dad Hal confirmed this fact in "Anatomy," revealing murdered great grandpa Cooper was actually Great Grandpa Blossom’s brother. After the Great Grandpa Blossom murdered his sibling, his line of the family left the clan forever, taking the very apt name Cooper instead.
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FP’s Confession

The moment FP began confessing to things we know he didn’t do, like breaking into Sheriff Keller’s home and stealing evidence, it's obvious someone else was pulling the strings. The only person with that kind of power needs to be Blossom rich.
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The Conversation Between Clifford & Penelope

In "La Grande Illusion," it’s unveiled exactly how Hiram Lodge ended up in jail for extra creative accounting. Of course, Clifford Blossom is behind the nefarious scheme. If Clifford is willing to put a man in prison to protect the Blossom business, could he be willing to kill for it?

Now we know the answer is yes.

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