Where Did We Leave Off With The Heroes Of Stranger Things?

After going well over a year without new Stranger Things episodes, the wait is finally all but over. The Netflix blockbuster will premiere Stranger Things 2 in a few days time, on Friday, October 27. Considering the fact we’ve waited about 15 months for this moment since the series bowed in July 2016, the countdown now boils down to merely a few hours.
Yet, the time between Stranger Things seasons might mean you don’t actually remember everything from the sci-fi drama’s beloved freshman year. It did include a government conspiracy, an interdimensional monster, and Eggos references (so many Eggos references). That’s a lot to keep track of after more than a year, especially when you take into account all the other shows that have turned into national obsessions since the summer of 2016. Riverdale and Mindhunter alone take up so much mental real estate these days.
To combat this problem, we put together a handy refresher course for all of your favourite characters, from Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) — who may have been MIA for most of Stranger Things season 1, but will play a humongous role in season 2 — to everyone’s favorite kick-butt, telekinetic tween, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). Keep reading for the walk down Hawkins, Indiana's Demogorgon Lane we all need at this point. This way you can avoid the Upside Down of having absolutely no idea what’s going on when you binge Stranger Things 2 this weekend for nine hours straight.

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