What Is Stranger Things' Monster, The Demogorgon?

Photo: Curtis Baker/Netflix.
With Stranger Things season 2 just days away, there's never been a better time to binge watch the Netflix blockbuster. Yes, we all remember becoming obsessed with the series' badass, psychic heroine Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), but what about everything else? What about the actual sci-fi monster mystery at the heart of Strangers' eight-episode first season? The absolute chaos wrought by the terrifying Demogoron is a little bit harder to remember over a year after the series debuted in July 2016.
And, even if you remember every single detail about Matt and Ross Duffer's beloved series, it's probably still a little bit difficult to understand what in the heck a Demogoron really even is. A monster with a deadly flower for a face isn't exactly intuitive for humans.
So, we decided to break down precisely what a Demogoron is, why it arrived in Hawkins, Indiana, and where its origins lie. Keep reading to get all of your major Demogoron questions answered before Eleven and friends return to your TV screen. You're going to need these deets before apparently meeting yet another Stranger monster.
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