10 TV Shows That Got Bisexuality Right — & 2 That Got It So Wrong

Isobel (Zoe Chao), protagonist of the show Strangers, is in a particularly unique bind. She’s just broken up with her long-term boyfriend, Jamie, because she cheated on him – with a woman. Now, to make the rent, Isobel’s subletting a room in her house, and letting in a whole new host of identity-illuminating hurdles.
Strangers is refreshing for the way it handles a character’s bisexual identity. It’s the antithesis to a common TV phenomenon, as Amy Zimmerman of The Daily Beast encapsulated so well. “Our mainstream media reinforces the notion that bisexuality is either a fun, voluntary act of experimentation or a mere myth through two tried and true tactics: misrepresenting and oversimplifying bisexual characters until they are either punchlines or wet dream fodder, or simply refusing to portray bisexual characters in the first place,” she wrote.
Strangers is part of the new guard of shows depicting bisexuality as a deliberate and legitimate lifestyle, and not a brief foray into self-discovery or something to be swept under the rug. These are the shows that did it right — and a couple that did it wrong.
From Mia Lidofsky & executive producers Beachside and Refinery29, Strangers takes on the tumultuous era of your 20s — to hilarious and sometimes sentimental results. Catch new episodes of Strangers every Monday on Facebook’s new platform, Watch.
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