Attention, Straight People: Here's What Not To Say To Bisexual People

It's no surprise that LGBTQ people still face discriminatory and/or ignorant questions from straight and cisgender people who either don't understand or don't want to understand what it's really like to be them. But bisexual people often face double discrimination from both straight people and people within gay and lesbian communities.
That's why celebrating Bi Week, which started on Sunday, is so important — and why YouTuber La’Ron Readus has made a video to combat the harmful assumptions people in both communities (though his video is aimed at straight men) have about bisexuality.
He attacks the ideas that bisexuality isn't a real identity, that all bisexual people are just promiscuous, that they're all in open relationships, and that bisexuality is just a performative thing women do to turn men on.
Readus doesn't directly break down any of the myths and stigmas that his alter-ego, Huck, points to in his questions. But he doesn't have to. Simply labeling them "stupid questions," along with his deadpan look and the words, "Huck, get the fuck out of my house," makes it clear that none of these questions or assumptions are okay.
Sadly, though, many people — both straight and gay — still believe that bisexual people should just "choose a side," or that they're too promiscuous to make good partners. As both Readus and some people using the #BiWeek tag on Twitter have shown, humor can be a great way to make people rethink these biases.
Keep these witty retorts and Readus' video in mind next time you're up against (or maybe even perpetuating) bisexual stigma. Maybe, just maybe, we can break down biphobia with a little bit of laughter.
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