What To Watch If You're Obsessed With The Royals

Robert Viglasky/Netflix
They may have had their highs and lows over the years, but the British monarchy of today is as strong and as popular as it has ever been. It seems that the world cannot get enough of the royal family (or Kate Middleton's beauty secrets for that matter of fact), which is why we've rounded some of the best TV programmes and films depicting the lives of famous British kings and queens throughout history.
With these shows, you'll see the same figures rendered at different moments in history. In The Crown, Elizabeth II is just starting her reign. In The Queen, she's facing one of the most difficult PR problems in her long career. And that's a queen who's still living. One can hardly count the number of times Queen Victoria, King Henry VIII, and Elizabeth I have been interpreted on film.
Victoria and Abdul, which was released 15th September, reinterprets Queen Victoria toward the end of her reign. The film focuses on a friendship between the ageing queen (Judi Dench) and her Indian servant, Abdul Karim (Ali Fazal). Watch enough movies and TV shows about British royalty, and you'll never need to take a history class again.
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