What To Watch If You're Obsessed With British Royalty

Robert Viglasky/Netflix
The United States and Britain may speak the same language, but the two countries have different versions of The Office, different relationships to Marmite, and certainly different famous figureheads. We have the Kardashians. They have the Queen. It's no surprise that many Americans — myself included — frequently engage in royal worship.
With these movies and TV shows, you'll see the same figures rendered at different moments in history. In The Crown, Elizabeth II is just starting her reign. In The Queen, she's facing one of the most difficult PR problems in her long career. And that's a queen who's still living. One can hardly count the number of times Queen Victoria, King Henry VIII, and Elizabeth I have been interpreted on film.
Mary Queen of Scots, out November 23, depicts the brief time in British history when Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart (the titular Queen of Scots) battled for the throne. Two women? Facing off to lead a country? That's catnip to any Aglophile. Ahead, the movies and TV to watch when Mary Queen of Scots comes to a close.
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