15 Job Interview Basics Guaranteed To Help You Dress The Part

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You've got your practice questions down pat, mapped out your route to your potential new office and have a suite of grounding exercises in your back pocket for pre-interview jitters. The only thing left to figure out before attending a job interview is what to wear.
First impressions really do count, but it's a delicate balance of respecting dress codes, feeling comfortable and still showing off your personal style. Additionally, the industry you're applying for may be more flexible or rigid when it comes to officewear guidelines, and it's important to consider this.
There are a number of rules to observe here. Unfortunately, we can't all be Emily in Paris, but there is still ample room to show off your flair while still looking smart and put-together.
While you're researching the company for your own background, make sure you make note of the business' vibe to capture its essence and show that you would slide right into their work culture. Basics will be your best friend here, but don't be afraid to add a lucky charm (like your favourite piece of jewellery) for extra confidence.
Gone are the days of scratching your head the night before. Let's be honest, dressing for a job interview can be a difficult sea to navigate — but we've got you covered. Ahead, are 15 capsule wardrobe staples you should pull out for a job interview that will ensure you're dressed to impress. Hey, you might already have them in your wardrobe already.

White shirt

A white shirt has always been considered a versatile basic to wear, both in and out of the office. While you can stick to a crisp poplin version, there's also the option of going with a fun sleeve or higher neckline to show a bit of personal flair. For a corporate environment, tuck your shirt into your bottoms, but for more creative industries, go for the French tuck, leaving one-half of the hem out, to add intentional depth to the outfit.

Tailored pants

Even in tech, where jeans are the go-to in the office, unfortunately, they aren't always appropriate for a job interview. Smart casual pants will give structure to your outfit and remove any chance of frumpiness or being too casual. A pop of colour might be tempting, but opting for neutrals like beige, black or white means you can have fun with your outfit in your top and accessories.

Midi skirt

While flashbacks to peplum pencil skirts may still spring to mind when it comes to a job interview, a modern midi skirt will still tick all your boxes without feeling like a restrictive cardboard box. Opt for one that isn't sheer, and if that isn't possible, add a slip skirt underneath for extra coverage.

Professional blazer

Don't get caught out in a room with the air conditioning blasting on high. A blazer not only makes the commute a bit warmer when the temperature drops, but also lets you explore layering. A blazer also has the added benefit of being an easy, throw-on layer that elevates even the most non-descript trousers and nice top (and sometimes, non-descript is exactly what we're going for in a job interview). If you're interviewing in fields like marketing or fashion, you might even dare to wear a blazer buttoned up with no top underneath — just make sure there's no room for a wardrobe malfunction beforehand.

Comfortable shoes

God forbid you're running late but nothing will set you up for failure more than sprinting to your job interview in uncomfortable shoes. There's no worse feeling than agitated feet in shoes that pinch, especially when your full concentration needs to be on winning over your interviewees and nailing your answers. A mule, classic pair of boots or a chunky loafer will ensure you're comfortable and feel put-together.
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