Here’s How Much The Block’s Sharon & Ankur Have Sold Their House For

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The Block: Tree House contestants Ankur Dogra and Sharon Johal
The Block: Tree Change contestants Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra's property (House 3) has finally been sold after the couple struggled to pin down a buyer at the finale auction on Sunday night.
Channel 9 announced on Friday afternoon that Melbourne millionaire and car enthusiast Adrian Portelli bought the five-bedroom house in Gisborne South, Victoria, for $4.25 million.
With Sharon and Ankur's reserve being $4,080,000and the house selling for $4,250,000, the couple have now walked away with a profit of $170,000.
This news comes after a very dramatic finale where Sharon and Ankur's as well as Dylan and Jenny's houses didn't actually sell on the night. The couples were left still in negotiations after attracting a highest bid of $4,075,000, which was $5,000 below their reserve.
The news of Sharon and Ankur's house sale doesn't come without some surprises. Buyer Portelli raised eyebrows on Sunday night after locking in a bidding war with eventual buyer Danny Wallis over winners Omar and Oz's house, but then not bidding on anyone else's properties. Some viewers accused Portelli, who had become acquainted with Omar and Oz before the auction, of simply helping push the price up so the boys could win.
However, hitting back on social media, Portelli said he was a legitimate buyer who had the finances to back such a hefty purchase.
"For everyone questioning the legitimacy of the auction, I was a genuine buyer with every intention to purchase that property," he wrote in an Instagram story. "Nobody is to blame for what happened. It's an auction.
"Believe it or not but if you've got two people that genuinely want the property a bidding war will happen. I'm happy to show my bank account for anyone that suggests these were dummy bids."
Meanwhile, Portelli has thrown another curveball, revealing on Friday afternoon that he will be giving away Sharon and Ankur's house in a competition in association with his business, LCMT+.
"Well this is going to rustle some feathers… Someone’s winning one of The Block houses!" reads a message shared on the LCMT+ Instagram account.
"A lot of Australia doubted the man however Adrian has gone and bought Ankur and Sharon’s house 3 and one of you lucky buggers is going to win it! Where are the nay-sayers now?"
On Sunday night, Omar and Oz (House 5) were crowned the winners of Season 18. With their reserve sitting at $4,080,000, they sold their property for $5,666,666.66 and made a profit of $1,586,666.66. The winner of The Block receives $100,000 in prize money, along with whatever profit the teams' homes make on auction day. Omar and Oz ended up taking home $1,686,666.66 altogether.
Tom and Sarah-Jane landed the power of choosing the auction order on the night, which was House 5's Omar and Oz first, House 1's Tom and Sarah-Jane second, House 2's Rachel and Ryan third, House 3's Sharon and Ankur fourth, and House 4's Dylan and Jen fifth/last.
Rachel and Ryan were the runners-up on the show behind Omar and Oz, with their home (House 2) going for $4,249,999.85 in a post-auction negotiation, getting them $169,000.85 over their $4.08 million reserve price.
Tom and Sarah-Jane's house only sold for only $4,100,000.99, which was just $20,000.99 above their $4.08 million reserve price. It’s the lowest profit a Block house has made since Series 9 Glasshouse in 2014.
This year the Channel Nine reality TV show shifted its focus from the city to the country, with filming taking place in Gisborne South in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, 40 minutes from Melbourne. Each house has five bedrooms, three bathrooms and four parking spots. The Block will return in 2023.
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