Warmer Weather Is Coming! Ditch The Layers With These 15 Bare-All Outfits

Photo: Via @addictedtodom.
With spring showers (hopefully) coming to an end at some point, it’s time we start planning for outfits that don’t solely consist of trench coats and puddle-proof boots. We've been dreaming about trends like cut-outs, short hems, and look-at-me colours all winter, but soon we'll be able to relish in breezier fits.
As jeans become jorts, sleeves become optional, and midriffs become visible, we’re here to take advantage of our springtime entrée. For all the outdoor dinners, park picnics, beach days and sunny trips we're determined to make happen, let us supply you with a bevy of warm-weather outfit ideas that aren't masked by a heavy coat.
From Sporty Spice-inspired workout dresses worn with pastel-coloured outerwear to statement dresses made casual with the right accessories — the outfit dump ahead has a little bit of everything you need clothing-wise to have a spring season worth remembering.
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