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Street View: What People Are Wearing In Redfern, Sydney

Welcome to Street View, a fortnightly series where we document everyday people's style for outfit inspo purposes.
In this instalment, photographer Lexi Laphor hit the streets of Sydney's Redfern.
The central suburb has a long-standing Indigenous history, strong community ties and has seen a lot of rapid change in recent decades.
Similar to its fellow inner-city suburbs of Marrickville and Newtown, Redfern has a laid-back and creative vibe that extends to street art, public spaces and fashion.
On this particular Saturday afternoon, we spotted cherished designer finds paired with secondhand staples. For example, Bailey mixes high street with high-end in an oversized men's H&M shirt and Pucci trainers, while Maisie champions local designers and global street style alike, in a kaleidoscopic Wah-Wah Australia jumper and blue Levi's.
From the currently trending cargo pants to accessories borrowed from the wardrobe of Mum and Dad, this Redfern round-up will have you feeling sartorially inspired in no time.
Ahead, feast your eyes on some of the inner-city suburb's best street style.
Name: Joy (she/her)
Age: 44
Socials: @porkybits
Outfit: Joy wears a thrifted jacket, top and jeans, shoes from Sandler and a necklace from Justine Clenquet.
Name: Pasepa (she/they)
Age: 29
Socials: @_pasepa_
Outfit: Pasepa wears a knitted layer and hand-warmers from Sook Studio, a top from Glassons, pants from adidas, platform Crocs, and glasses from Specsavers' adidas Originals range.
Name: Mowgli May (she/her)
Age: 26
Socials: @mowglimaydj
Outfit: Mowgli May wears a top from Second Life Markets, a hat from Imi Studios, and vintage cargo pants. Her bag and shoes are from Balenciaga.
Name: Bailey (she/her)
Age: 27
Socials: @baileydonegal
Outfit: Bailey wears a H&M shirt, pants from adidas, a Dion Lee corset, shoes from Pucci and sunglasses from the Specsavers' adidas Originals range.
Name: Ayeesha Ash (she/her)
Age: 26
Socials: @eeshash
Outfit: Ayeesha Ash wears a jacket and shirt from an op shop, jeans from Abrand, shoes from Rubi and a ring from Millie Savage.
Name: Ella (she/her)
Age: 21
Socials: @ellagraaay
Outfit: Ella wears a cardigan from Uniqlo, jeans from her housemate, jewellery from Bijoux, shoes from Birkenstock and socks from her boyfriend.
Name: Mark (he/him)
Age: 28
Socials: @markusmuch
Outfit: Mark wears a bustier from Princess Polly, an adidas shirt, pants from TK Maxx, socks from Uniqlo and sunglasses from Specsavers' adidas Originals range.
Name: Maisie (she/her)
Age: 24
Socials: @maisiewatkins
Outfit: Maisie wears a jumper from Wah-Wah Australia, jeans from Levi's and shoes from Veja.
Name: Bijou (she/her)
Age: 19
Socials: @bijouodongo
Outfit: Bijou wears a black blazer over a boob tube, and a skirt layered over wide-leg pants with heels.
Name: Bridgette (she/her)
Age: 19
Socials: @leakinggash
Outfit: Bridgette wears a shirt from Beauty:Beast, a jacket from Sanrio, shoes from New Rock, a bag from Marithe Francois Girbaud and earrings from Jiwinaia.
Name: Mina (she/her)
Age: 22
Socials: @minagillani
Outfit: Mina wears a top from Pull & Bear, a jacket from Neon Hart, pants from Motel Rocks and shoes from Facebook Marketplace.
Name: Izzy (she/her)
Age: 19
Socials: @izgregg
Outfit: Izzy wears a second-hand jacket from her mum, pants from the Salvation Army and shoes from Dr. Martens.
Name: Natalie (she/they)
Age: 19
Socials: @natalieeeeeeo
Outfit: Natalie wears a skirt from Lismore markets, a button-up and earrings from Red Cross in Cronulla, and broken Mary Janes from her 18th birthday.
Name: Amanda (she/her)
Age: 23
Socials: @amandalydianeuhaus
Outfit: Amanda wears a vintage Sandro jacket, a skirt and top from Zara, Bared Footwear boots and a vintage Bally bag.
Name: Ammar (he/they)
Age: 29
Socials: @a_horizon_line
Outfit: Ammar wears thrifted black pants, a secondhand denim jacket, a shirt from Nectar and a Die Horny bag.
Name: Emily (she/her)
Age: 31
Socials: @emimav
Outfit: Emily wears a shirt from Paddy's Markets, a Dion Lee skirt and Kiko Kostadinov boots.
Name: Rae (they/them)
Age: 43
Socials: @boymichaellovesyou
Outfit: Rae wears socks, high heels and a jacket from Silent Arrow as well as a mesh shirt from a friend.
Name: Ollie (she/her)
Age: 34
Socials: @ollie_henderson
Outfit: Ollie wears pants from Ellery, a bowtie from Gary Bigeni, shoes from Charles and Keith and a secondhand jacket.
Name: Shalini (she/her)
Age: 22
Socials: @silly.knee
Outfit: Shalini wears a white button-down shirt, with secondhand pants, a belt from her dad, a bag from her mum and secondhand Tabi shoes.
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