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Street View: What People Are Wearing In Newtown, Sydney

Welcome to the ninth instalment of Street View, a fortnightly series where we document everyday people's style for outfit inspo purposes.
We've previously snapped shots in Sydney's Surry Hills and Glebe, so today we're heading to the inner-west hub of Newtown. Touted as a 'hipster' suburb that's known for its eclectic style and vintage shopping haunts, all it takes is a stroll up King Street to be bombarded with heaps of secondhand store options.
One new pop-up about to join the vintage ranks is the Heartbreak High Uniform Shop. To celebrate the release of the TV series that follows a group of Sydney teens, you'll be able to swing by and pick up a free piece of thrifted clothing (more details below).
The new Gen-Z Heartbreak High is dripping in Y2K fashion trends, with the cast rocking bright colours, baggy tees, cargo pants and halter tops. Sydney-based photographer Phoebe Wolfe took to the streets of Newtown to capture the looks of locals whose style would blend right in at the fictional Hartley High School.
On the shoot, we met Audrey, who wore an entirely thrifted outfit with knee-high boots; Yasmine, who showed us that low-rise track pants are the new low-rise jeans, and Melissa, who proved the baguette bag is definitely back — and that was just a handful of the local fashion.
From colourful pants to chunky platforms, scroll ahead to check out the street style on show in Sydney's Newtown. Enjoy!
Name: Eddy (she/her)
Age: 15
Socials: @14_eddy20
Outfit: Eddy wears a thrifted navy jacket, school shirt, pants and tie, with Doc Marten shoes.
Name: Georgia (she/her)
Age: 24
Socials: @georgia_sparks
Outfit: Georgia wears a thrifted Princess Polly leather jacket, green Runaway The Label pants and chunky ASOS loafers.
Name: Roza-Lyn (she/they)
Age: 21
Socials: @babichino
Outfit: Roza-Lyn wears a black puffer jacket, white halter crop, black shorts and knee-high Windsor Smith boots.
Name: Jacky (they/them)
Age: 23
Socials: @for_______________ever_yrs
Outfit: Jacky wears a white T-shirt, black Telfar bag, thrifted wide-leg jeans and Rombaut shoes.
Name: Beatrice (she/her)
Age: 25
Socials: @pussnipss
Outfit: Beatrice wears Lexxola sunglasses, a Block ballet leotard, SWOP blank pants, Birkenstock Boston clogs and a Vintage Thierry Mugler bag.
Name: Mia (she/her)
Age: 16
Socials: @miaablum
Outfit: Mia wears a family friend's outfit with Doc Marten shoes.
Name: Riannon (she/her) & Trixie (she/her)
Age: 27 & 26
Socials: @_nonnair & N/A
Outfit: Riannon wears a hat from Cotton On, a Butter Goods x Kangol shirt, a Cheepstore jacket and Cider Jeans, with Nasty Gal boots and a Carhatt bag. Trixie wears her friend's hat, a Kangol hiking jacket, Neuw Denim jeans and Marc Jacobs slides.
Name: Hannah (she/her)
Age: 21
Socials: @hannahbrew3r
Outfit: Hannah wears an Online Ceramics hoodie with karlalaidlaw pants and Crocs.
Name: Rosa (she/her)
Age: 21
Socials: @sw.a.nk
Outfit: Rosa wears a Kevin Abstract Video Store hoodie with Cash Only shorts, BEAMS x Crocs shoes and a Weekday bag.
Name: Jennifer (she/her) & Georgia (she/her)
Age: 25 & 21
Socials: @jenniferwebb_ & @georgiakrowlands
Outfit: Jennifer wears her mum's sherpa jacket, a thrifted tank top, pants from Rolla's and shoes from New Balance. Georgia wears a thrifted brown jacket, red gingham dress and boots.
Name: Lia (she/her)
Age: 27
Socials: @lia_scambary
Outfit: Lia wears a monochrome jumpsuit from Gorman with white sneakers.
Name: Melissa (she/her)
Age: 28
Socials: @missygadzev
Outfit: Melissa's denim midi skirt and bag were vintage from So Familia. She also wears a thrifted longe-sleeve crop from Supre, white Rebooks and Tree Of Life rings.
Name: Audrey (she/they)
Age: 19
Socials: @au4r33y
Outfit: Audrey wears an entirely thrifted black outfit with knee-high boots.
Name: Nikita (she/her)
Age: 20
Socials: @nikitacabreraa
Outfit: Nikita wears a trench coat, thrifted jeans and a watch from Daniel Wellington.
Name: Lara (she/her)
Age: 27
Socials: @splaz___
Outfit: Lara wears a Jasper Gubbay shirt, pants from Playground Vintage, old Harley Davidson boots and jewellery from op shops.
Name: Andres (he/him) & Francisca (she/her)
Age: 28 & 25
Socials: @andres_jacob & @franmonl
Outfit: Andres wears a shirt and jeans from ASOS, with a thrifted jacket and Naked Wolfe shoes. Francisca wears a shirt and jacket from Chile with thrifted pants.
Name: Sylvie (she/her), Shuyan (she/her) & Leticia (she/her)
Age: N/A
Socials: @skyfallvr, @e_zoeee & @leleticia2579
Outfit: Sylvie wears a Harry Hansen puffer jacket, SMFK pants and Maison Margiela shoes with a handbag from Prada. Shuyan wears a puffer jacket from Nike, a shirt from H&M, pants from Hollister and sneakers from Alexander McQueen. Leticia wears a coat from COS, Doc Marten shoes and a Fendi handbag.
Name: Clare (she/her)
Age: 22
Socials: @clare_chung
Outfit: Clare wears a bumbag from a dollar store with Birkenstocks.
Name: Georgia (she/they) & Angela (she/her)
Age: 27 & 21
Socials: @gharps & @ecom_angel
Outfit: Georgia wears Z-Coil shoes bought from eBay with her outfit. Angela wears a vintage Roberto Cavalli top, a necklace from Vinnies and Nike tailwinds.
Name: Yasmine (she/her)
Age: 27
Socials: @pomegranatefreckles
Outfit: Yasmine wears a thrifted jacket and Adidas track pants with Bvlgari sunglasses and a Fendi bag. She is also wearing her handmade jewellery from her own brand, Sacred Honeys.
Name: Miska (she/her)
Age: 37
Socials: @miskamandic
Outfit: Miska wears a vintage green jumper, SUKU Home pants and Converse shoes.
Name: Olachi (she/her/they)
Age: 22
Socials: @olachizurike
Outfit: Olachi wears a blazer from So Familiar store, a skirt from I.AM.GIA, boots from ROC and puffer and a necklace from eBay.
Name: Phoebe (she/her)
Age: 21
Outfit: Phoebe wears a thrifted sweater from Noffs Shop, denim patch low-rise flares from Depop, an A.P.C crossbody bag and Wales Bonner x Adidas Samba shoes.
Name: Lydia (she/her)
Age: 20
Outfit: Lydia wears a shirt her dad never wore, a vintage jacket and pants from her mum and thrifted TN shoes.
Name: Pippa (she/her)
Age: 19
Socials: @pipcallingham
Outfit: Pippa wears a blazer and pants from Vinnies, shoes from Windsor Smith and a shirt from Depop.
Name: Bella (she/her)
Age: 25
Socials: @blondegirlbella
Outfit: Bella wears an outfit from So Familiar store and Adidas Superstar shoes.

Name: Bree (she/her)
Age: 26
Socials: @bree.eleanor666
Outfit: Bree wears a thrifted top, pants from Holiday The Label and sneakers from Veja with a Ganni bag.

Name: Maria (she/her)
Age: 30
Outfit: Maria wears a black puffer jacket thrifted from Chile, jeans and a scrunchie on her wrist that was also thrifted.
Name: Anthony (he/him) & Jacqui (she/her)
Age: 21
Socials: @fumbledthebag_ & @jacquisharah
Outfit: Anthony's jeans and jumper are from a skate shop and his TN shoes are from Facebook Marketplace. Jacqui wears a thrifted jumper, hat and jeans with TN shoes.
Name: Rika (they/them) & Ryan (he/him)
Age: 19 & 21
Socials: @3lfr0g & @ryanoshon
Outfit: Rika wears a vest from an op shop with a shirt and pants from Uniqlo. They also wear a handmade hat. Ryan wears a vintage outfit with thrifted shoes.
For more style inspiration, catch the Heartbreak High Uniform Shop on Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th of September from 10am – 6pm at 520 King St, Newtown in Sydney. See how your style stacks up by streaming Heartbreak High only on Netflix from 7pm on Wednesday 14th September.
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