8 Ways To Combat Your Morning Outfit Paralysis

Since the pandemic, one of the main complaints we've had regarding our return to public life — apart from a staggering decline in our social skills — is the complete and utter paralysis when getting dressed for the day.
It makes sense given we haven't had to think about it much over the last few years, but for those of us who'd rather hit snooze than accommodate for extra time to decide what to wear, how do we make it easier?
They say to pick a style and stick with it, but though the idea of having a defined personal style feels romantic and chic, it's a bit of a trap, if you ask us. While it can help to work within a set boundary, it can also inhibit you from experimenting and letting your natural intuition take the wheel. But when outfit ideas are few and far between, where does it leave us in our search for less stressful mornings?
If you're still attempting to regain your creativity or you're simply chronically indecisive, we have some tried and tested tips up our sleeves for figuring out what the heck to wear.
Scroll on for eight ways to combat your morning outfit paralysis.
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