20 White Jeans To Officially Welcome Prime White Jeans Season

By now you know that we at Refinery29 don't really adhere to any fashion "rules." We wear "unflattering" silhouettes on purpose, we're not afraid to throw on a pair of sneakers with an evening gown, and we've pretty much ditched bras altogether. And, if there's one "rule" we've thrown straight out the window, it's not wearing white after Labor Day.
With Memorial Day right around the corner, we find ourselves asking, 'How is this even still a thing?' Because if we want to cozy up in some winter whites, we're damn well going to — and no one can tell us otherwise. But, since the unofficial start of summer is here, for those who may not be as adventurous, we've rounded up some white jeans to officially welcome prime white jeans season. Because even though we say you can (and should!) wear them all year round, we'll admit they do feel particularly appropriate at this time of the year.
Click on to welcome summer with a crisp, fresh pair of white denim. Just go easy on the ketchup, okay?

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