These Natural Deodorants Will Actually Keep You Scent-Free This Summer

Maybe you've already made the switch to non-toxic nail polish or organic lipstick and are ready to take the natural next step in pursuit of a natural beauty routine, or maybe you're just tired of using deodorants that smell like a noxious combination of plastic flowers and baby powder. Either way, summer is approaching — which means it's about time to rethink the product you'll be rubbing into your armpits every morning.
For years, rumors have abounded that there's a solid link between certain cancers, and the aluminum and parabens found in antiperspirants. Although that may not be proven, what is certain is that many chemical antiperspirants are made with ingredients that aren't quite in line with the clean, green beauty movement. The entire ethos isn't exactly au naturel, either: Antiperspirants minimize sweating by blocking the sweat glands with aluminum salts, while deodorants allow you to sweat, simply masking any odor.
And it isn't actually the sweat that smells: body odor comes from the bacteria in our skin breaking down the acid in perspiration. Therefore, the best natural deodorants will contain antibacterial ingredients to keep any unwanted scents at bay. Bear in mind that you will notice a difference when you make the switch from a chemical antiperspirant to a natural deodorant, as your sweat glands which have been clogged by aluminum salts will have... well, a bit more freedom to perform their proper bodily functions. Though the floodgates won't necessarily open, there may be a transitional stage when you're more aware of your underarm sweating before your body reaches its natural equilibrium.
However, the natural deodorants ahead are worth sticking it out through that transitional period — fresh, healthy, paraben-free pits are waiting on the other side.

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