4 Hairstyle Trends On Track To Blow Up This Winter

According to the calendar, winter is not quite here yet — but it's definitely on its way. Of course, the shift in seasons has its upsides (cozy slippers, red wine, and glitter nail polish, to name a few) but one commonality we all seem to struggle with come December is how to wear our hair, considering variables like windchill and ever-present sweater static.

While both a golden-blonde highlight and a fresh trim are quick cures for hair fatigue, this season's trendiest hair looks are actually all in the DIY style, like a piece-y low chignon topped with a velvet headband or just a new way to work the blowdryer.


For proof, we asked the pros to break down their predictions for the four simple hairstyles that will be everywhere this winter, ahead.

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Low Chignon

If the undone topknot and a tight, nape-of-the-neck bun had a baby, it would be the low chignon — which, according to Oribe global educator Mandee Tauber, will be the updo of the season. "The sleek, low chignon will be the perfect elegant complement for any holiday occasion," she explains. "It's chic on its own, or with accessories for an extra glam look."
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Leaving a few strands of hair out around your face gives the chignon an effortless vibe.
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You can secure your bun with a cream-colored velvet scrunchie for a little texture.
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Pearl Accessories

Speaking of accessories, we'll be seeing a lot of pearls this winter. "Pearls make an interesting impact in any hairstyle, whether they're stacked on a high ponytail or accenting an extra-long braid," says hair pro and IGK founder Leo Izquierdo.
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You might not have celebrity stylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew to help you prep for your upcoming office holiday party, but you can take creative inspiration from this stacked barrette hairstyle she gave Kerry Washington. Better still, you can get the same oversized pearl barrette for just $12.
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Lean into the juxtaposition of a slick, polished hairline studded with pearls and soft, full-bodied curls.
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Soft Waves

If you're looking to wear your hair down, Izquierdo says that soft barrel waves feel extra glamorous. "This season, I love a soft Hollywood wave," he says. "It's a style that looks gorgeous on long hair or a short bob — you can add fullness with a deep side part."
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On a bob length, the soft, smooth waves add volume around the face.
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For a more low-key cool look, keep your part in the middle and infuse soft, barely-there bends throughout.
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Velvet Headbands

Beyond scrunchies and pearls, headbands lined with velvet will be the cool-girl accessory of the season, according to Erickson Arrunategui, a stylist at Bumble and Bumble.
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An extra thick band in a deep earthy green velvet makes the chicest statement.
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Rolled Ends

The blunt lob with bouncy, flipped ends has already been spotted all over Hollywood, and will continue to trend through 2020. "It's a great style if you're bored with a mid-length cut," says Bailey Englert, stylist at NYC's Frédéric Fekkai Salon. "The straight, blunt lines are softened by the curled ends."
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See the way the ends almost bounce off the shoulder.
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If your hair is a little longer than a bob or a lob, you can still work the upturned ends into your layers for flair à la Priyanka Chopra.
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