5 Women-Hosted Travel Podcasts You Should Subscribe To ASAP

Podcasts are wonderful things: Audio storytelling is an incredibly useful way to keep yourself informed and inspired. Plus, they are a meaningful use of your downtime to learn new things that pertain to your interests.

Since travel is a major obsession of ours, we constantly find ourselves tuning into podcasts by women who have made seeing the world their lifelong mission. Ahead, we've rounded up five trailblazing women who gave up everything to satisfy their travel bug — and recorded fascinating podcast episodes along the way. Subscribe to them for everything from enriching travel stories to handy planning tips. Warning: This will only intensify your wanderlust.


Are you incapable of staying at one place for long? Angelina Zeppieri has the same travel bug — and she's ready to walk you through her most exciting adventures around the world. The writer is talented at relaying her personal escapades in a way that also inspires you to step out of your comfort zone, and the host has a roster of guests — most of them well-traveled women working in media — to keep things interesting.
The Offbeat Life

Debbie Arcangeles is a New York-based therapist and budding influencer who gets to travel the world, due to the flexible nature of her work. She also documents a series of interviews with interesting people who ditched their conventional lifestyles to become location independent. From backpacking single mothers to prominent travel bloggers, Arcangeles' subjects have interesting stories to share about their passions, struggles, and how they make traveling full-time work.
The Lonely Hour

Most of us have felt lonely at a certain point in our lives. This podcast is dedicated to that feeling of aloneness — especially when you travel solo. Host Julia Bainbridge has assembled a rich tapestry of guests to talk about their varied experiences with traveling alone, such as roadtripping on the Alaska's Dalton Highway, known as the loneliest road in America. Bainbridge also explores how solitude affects different relationships in our lives. This podcast makes for a great pastime when you're on a long bus or train journey.
Women On The Road

Listen to Laura Hughes' podcast to feel empowered to explore the world on your own. Hughes has tapped a diverse group of women to share their honest experiences and important takeaways from living life on the road. From driving solo across the country in a Ford to the realities of traveling with a S.O., this series is equal parts insightful and motivating.
The Budget-Minded Traveler

If you're wondering how you can travel the world on a limited budget, Jackie Nourse is your girl. This award-winning podcast is a great resource for planning your next low-cost global adventure, where topics from teaching English abroad to the best way to hitchhike are all covered. Nourse's work has inspired a legion of listeners to form their own active community: Join the Budget-Minded Traveler Facebook Group to have your most pressing trip-related questions answered.
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