20 Ideas For Your Next Teeny-Tiny Tattoo

Sometime around 2015, the phrase "micro tattoos" hit the zeitgeist. Although the concept of getting a small tattoo existed long before four years ago, it wasn't until New York tattoo artist JonBoy put a dot on Kendall Jenner's finger that the fad fully caught on. Suddenly, people who never, ever considered getting tatted were searching for the closest tattoo shop near them.

Thanks to the artists all over the world who've made a living by creating extra-small tattoos, the look has become less of a trend driven by celebrities and more of a nuanced art form that just so happens to be very delicate. On Instagram alone, there are thousands of hashtags and curated accounts that pool together some of the coolest tattoos keeping this teeny-tiny style alive. If you're looking to add one to your collection, you're in luck: We sorted through them all to find the very best tiny tattoos, ahead.

As much as we love the high-profile names on Instagram, you can credit modern hand-poke artists as another reason why small detailed tattoos like this are so popular.
Eventually, you'll run out of places to pierce your ear. When that happens, get a tattoo instead.
Despite all the pain, finger tattoos are still the trendiest spot to get your tiniest design.
Jourdan Dunn was one of the first celebrities to hop on the mini ink train with this red tattoo.
If you're brave enough — or just have a high tolerance for pain — try getting tattooed on your knuckles. (Luckily, these small dots shouldn't take too long.)
Only Kehlani could make us lust after a tiny face tattoo.
Lara Maju's design signature includes bold stems and leaves — and every variation looks perfect on the shoulder.
Being set on getting a smaller tattoo doesn't mean you have to eliminate the possibility for color.
Request red and yellow ink to really make your small tattoo stand out.
Inspired by Beyoncé's tiny finger tattoos? Who isn't?
Master the art of being subtle and a full-on Potterhead with this pretty lightning-bolt tattoo.
Sure, you can tell your S.O. how much you love them — or you can show 'em... with a tattoo of their initials.
Even the tiniest heart makes a big impression.
The best spot to get tiny script: the wrist.
Swap out the cursive writing for block text of your favorite affirmation.
JonBoy once told us that lettering is the most popular request for tiny arm tattoos.
Tiny is sort of Wicky Nicky's thing at New York's West 4 Tattoo — and this ankle tattoo is no exception.
Designed by artist Stanislava Pinchuk (a.k.a. "Miso"), Florence Welch's new anchor tattoo looks perfectly at home on her elbow.
Kylie Jenner has been a fan of small tattoos ever since she got her matching ink with Jordyn Woods. Now, she's added another bit of tiny text to the back of her arm as a tribute to her daughter, Stormi.
Friend or foe of Taylor Swift, you have to admit that the snake motif makes for one rad tattoo. (Sure, her snake design recently evolved into a kaleidoscope of butterflies, but that's neither here nor there...)
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