11 Sunflower Tattoos To Brighten Up Your Summer

There are few flowers as historically meaningful as sunflowers. Vincent van Gogh gifted paintings of the flower to his closest friends to show gratitude. Inca priestesses wore gold versions of the petals to represent the sacred sun god. Even now, it's a common tradition to have sunflowers at your wedding (and on anniversaries) for good luck. From loyalty to faithfulness to adoration, the sun-worshiping flower is one packed with sentiment — making it the perfect flower tattoo.

Whether you're getting a tattoo to match your BFF, to honor a loved one lost, or simply because you're in search of a tiny reminder to have a good day, the floral design is a surefire win. Even still, we get how tedious a process it can be to find the right design, size, placement, and color of your upcoming ink. Luckily, we've hunted down the best options out there for you to get inspired.


Ahead, 11 sunflower tattoos that are too pretty to resist.

It's hard to talk about sunflowers without talking about Van Gogh's 1889 painting Sunflowers, which is probably why so many people use the famous piece of art as tattoo inspiration.
Scribble illustrations have been a huge tattoo trend in 2019 — and the technique looks so good when used to reimagine Sunflowers.
There's a reason why Van Gogh loved the flower so much. He once said that sunflowers communicated gratitude, making it the perfect sister tattoo.
There's something inherently happy about a sunflower, but when wrapped in a motivational quote, it's more positive than a TED talk.
The back of your arm is the optimal spot if you want to show off your art in all your short-sleeve summer tops and strappy dresses.
Combine two tattoo trends we love in one tattoo: butterflies and flowers.
Watercolor tattoos won't last forever, but the technique works too well with floral designs to deny.
Why get just one sunflower when you can get a whole bouquet?
Copy Lady Gaga's famous floral back tattoo, but swap out the rose design for a sunflower.
Upgrade a classic script tattoo by adding a blooming sunflower at the end.
Finally, you found the perfect ankle tattoo for summer.
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