How To Store Sex Toys In Even The Tiniest Apartment

Since starting work as a sex & relationships writer, I’ve encountered a problem. And although it’s a good problem to have, it presents me with a few challenges: What do I do with all these sex toys?

Before I started writing about sex, I owned just a few sex toys, maybe four or five. They fit neatly in a small, cute box that I got on sale at Target. I stored this box on a shelf on my nightstand. But within a few weeks of starting my job, I had to upgrade to a bigger storage cubes. Now, a few months in, that cube is overflowing — plus, it's super-disorganized. I’d like to separate the different-shaped vibes from each other, find a way to sort the lube bottles, and figure out what to do with all these different charging cords. To add to the problem, I live in Brooklyn with two roommates and don’t have a lot of space to store, well, anything. What’s a newbie sex writer to do?


When storing sex toys, there's really no wrong answer — as long as you're storing them safely. "Make sure toys are thoroughly clean, disinfected, dried, and conditioned (if it’s leather) before storing them. Not only do you want your toys to be play-ready, but if you put your toys away dirty or not well cared for, they will degrade more quickly, and possibly become unsafe to play with," advises sex therapist Dulcinea Pitagora.

To figure it out, I assigned myself a story: I’d reach out to other sexuality professionals — sex writers, sex educators, sex workers, sex researchers, as well as people who just have a large collection of sex toys. I’m not talking about four or five different vibes here; I mean 20 different toys, at the least. Here’s what everyone said about storing their goodies.

Sets of drawers

“I’m a sex toy reviewer so I have 300+ sex toys. I store them in sets of drawers – some plastic, some metal – and also display certain items on hooks or windowsills. They’re smaller than a dresser or a filing cabinet, but still roomy enough for the task. The main one I’m using right now also functions as my nightstand, to give you an idea of size.”

- Kate Sloan, sex writer
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Under-bed storage and closet shelves

“I use those long boxes you store shoes under beds. They’re very useful for keeping toys where you can see them, but without touching each other, because that’s kind of gross. Also, if a toy doesn’t come with a travel bag or case, it can kiss my ass. I also have three separate shelves in my closet for unused ‘giveaway’ toys."

- Gigi Engle, certified sex coach, sexologist, and author of All The F*cking Mistakes
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Bedside table and boxes

“I have my bedside table stocked with my six-ish faves, a box in my closet, and a second box in my closet of unused toys to give away (I review sex toys so I have received a LOT).”

- Rachel Charlene Lewis, writer and editor
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Soft pouches, plastic bins, and drawers

“I keep my sex toys stored in soft pouches for things like harder plastics and crystal (looking at you, Chakrubs). For my silicone-based toys, I keep them in a small plastic bin free of things like dust and such. I'm a bit of an organizer thanks to my Virgo stellium, so I also have a separate bin for things like BDSM toys, rope, and strap-on harnesses. Those bins are stored in a spot away from direct sunlight that is cool, dry and dark. My lubes and such are in a drawer close at hand at all times.”

- Danie Crofoot, full spectrum doula, sex educator, childbirth educator, & energy worker
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Storage containers, a nightstand, and on display

"When I was single, I would separate sex toys into storage containers and place them sporadically throughout my room. The goal was to ease dates into toys one theme at a time (foreplay, bondage, impact play, etc). The foreplay items and beginner toys are in my nightstand for easy access. Now, my partner and I sort it through our faves. And I have some hanging on my walls (purposefully)."

- Melissa A. Vitale, publicist
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Shelving, boxes, on display, and organza bags

“I have mostly high-quality silicone toys, and various hard materials like metal, ceramic, and stone. While I try to keep silicone toys on separate shelves, I have no concerns about throwing them all in a bag when I need to. Low-quality silicone, silicone blends, and various kinds of soft plastics are the real concern when storing sex toys together; they will degrade if left in close quarters.

"For toys with fancy boxes or bags, I tend to keep them as such, and some I even use as house decor (a stone dildo really works with my aesthetic). But I don’t worry too much about keeping things super tidy. I’ll keep small things like cock rings and nipple clamps in small organza bags after cleaning, for ease of use and transport, though!”

- Rhube Knox, sex worker, sex educator, & doula
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Boxes, a suitcase, and a UVee unit

“I have a ‘main box,' a suitcase of overflow stuff that I don’t really use, and then a UVee unit which, frankly, has changed my life for the better. I also have a small box of unopened sample stuff that I usually dip into when I’m out of present ideas for my pals."

- Emily Lavinia, content consultant and lifestyle blogger
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The bags they came in

"I would love to say that because I often get sent sex toys to try out, that I've mastered some sort of storage system but I haven't yet. So the most helpful thing for me, especially when storing high-quality sex toys, is to keep the storage bags that typically come with the toys. That way, even if I end up chucking my toys in a drawer somewhere, they're in their own individual bag and free from the dust and bacteria that can accumulate when you store multiple toys together.

"Also, a recent tip I learned from a fellow sexuality professional: Don't store silicone toys too close to one another, silicone breaks down silicone, so in the long-term your vibrators, dildos, etc. could erode each other!"

Tiffany Lashai Curtis, sex educator
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