10 Vibrators That'll Hit Your G-Spot

Photographed by Megan Madden.
For the woman who loves sex toys, a G-spot vibrator is clutch. It’s specifically designed to offer internal (and sometimes simultaneous external) clitoral stimulation in one brilliantly curved package.
The elusive G-spot is less of a spot and more of an area. It's said to be located behind the pubic bone region and is made up of a series of glands and ducts. This spongy patch of tissue also connects to the back of the clitoris, making it a haven of pleasure. That’s right, even that internal G-spot stimulation is really clitoral stimulation. The clitoris is magical.
Since the G-spot is located in an upward-tilting area, (to find it, insert two fingers into the vagina and hook them upwards toward the belly button), there are special toys to help you reach it. Broaden your collection with these 10 amazing G-spot vibrators.
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Unbound is known for its collection of high-quality, adorable pastel toys. For those new to G-spot or internal play, the Bender is an awesome choice. It looks like a silicone stick but it bends with ease, which makes it perfect for reaching the G-spot.

Add in some of Unbound’s original OMG G-spot Serum for an extra boost of nerve-igniting fire.
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A classic rabbit toy will always be a favorite amongst sex toy users (and Sex & The City fans). They’re cute, fun, and they sure do get the job done. They features a rotating or vibrating head, vibrating base, and an external clit vibrator for simultaneous internal and external vibration. Our favorite toy on the market right now is the Happy Rabbit G-Spot Curve from Lovehoney, because its pointed head offers targeted pleasure that you don’t always see with these kinds of wands.
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The Satisfyer is one of the most revolutionary toys on the market. This miraculous vibe combines all the benefits of oral sex with deep G-spot stimulation.

The clitoral stimulator is no run-of-the-mill vibrator. It is actually a clit-sucking toy that combines air and suction to simulate oral sex. Meanwhile, the vibrating G-spot wand offers intense internal pressure and vibration.

For those who like a combination of internal and external stimulation during oral sex, this is your new go-to.
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This vibrator is like a chameleon, easily able to bend and mold into any shape you want — including a "C”"shape to provide clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

According to the website, you can “lay it flat against a partners' shaft for a vibration-filled hand job, or bend it to that perfect curve to hit the G-spot while you stimulate your partner's clit with your mouth or tongue. The endless flexible options will give you and your partner plenty of ways to explore each other in new ways.”

Additionally, the perks on this toy’s hardware are pretty substantial. This toy offers wireless charging, is 100% waterproof, and uses an app to learn your preferred vibration patterns to better serve you sexually. That’s right, this a smart toy that not only physically molds into whichever shape you want, but figuratively molds to the patterns that bring you to orgasm.
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It’s no secret that wand vibrators are the LBD of sex toys — one every woman should have at the ready. And no one makes a better wand than Le Wand. This large wand vibrator is high-quality, powerful, and features a head that easily bends and moves to your favorite clitoral positions.

But, what makes this toy extra special is all of its fabulous attachments. Most notably, the G-spot stimulator. All you do is pop it over the crown of the wand and suddenly your favorite solo toy is a G-spot vibrator. The attachment is weighted for extra stimulation of the internal clitoris and G-spot area. Who says you can’t have it all?
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While G-spot toys are incredibly fun and highly enjoyable, they can also be rather large. But if you’re on the go, you need toys that can travel. The LoveLife G-Spot Cuddle Mini is just the toy you’re looking for.

This USB rechargeable, waterproof, body-safe silicone toy offers intense vibration, while fitting comfortably in your carry-on bag or purse. You won’t have to live without internal stimulation on your next trip.
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The Rave from We-Vibe is a G-spot toy with a twist — literally. It is designed to work not only with your G-spot, but in tandem with your movements. Studies have shown that moving around during sexual play can increase your chances of orgasm — and We-Vibe Rave banks on that information.

This toy is is designed for varied stimulation as you twist or rock: press down gently on the handle to apply just the right amount of pressure, then twist and feel the soft edges stimulate the most sensitive areas of your vagina.” In short: This toy is not messing around.

Connect it to your We-Vibe app to customize your personal vibration patterns.
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For a G-spot vibrator that moonlights as a total cutie in shape, size, and color, check out the Lucent from Blush Novelties in plum purple. This 3.5 inch G-spot vibrator is made from body-safe silicone with a rounded head that hits the G-spot with the perfect amount of vibrating pressure.

This little vibrator packs a punch. With 5 different settings, it takes AAA batteries. While most higher quality toys are USB rechargeable, this a great affordable piece for your collection.
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If you need texture for your pleasure, look no further than the Fun Factory Moody This toy offers pinpointed G-spot stimulation with a rigid shaft for all-over vibration. Plus, it’s really easy to use. The open handle lets you (or your partner) stimulate you internally with ease.

The Moody may seem a little intimidating, but it really isn’t. It actually looks like a dinosaur if you really look at it, a stegosaurus to be exact. We love those spiky sides. They’re cute, not scary!
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If you’re finished with “maybes” when it comes to your orgasm, turn to The Perfect Match. Forget Tinder, this is your perfect mate. This sleek, pink, powerful rabbit vibrator takes your self-love sessions to the next level. This Rabbit has all the perks of your classic Rabbit vibe, but with a sleeker, more polished look. No bunny faces or ears on this baby.

Made from body-safe silicone, this toy is flexible, movable, and powerful. It comes with a raised, external clitoral stimulator to offer both internal and external pleasure. On top of that, it has three different motors for total vibration, no matter where it lands.

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