How To Store Sex Toys In Even The Tiniest Apartment

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Since starting work as a sex & relationships writer, I’ve encountered a problem. And although it’s a good problem to have, it presents me with a few challenges: What do I do with all these sex toys?
Before I started writing about sex, I owned just a few sex toys, maybe four or five. They fit neatly in a small, cute box that I got on sale at Target. I stored this box on a shelf on my nightstand. But within a few weeks of starting my job, I had to upgrade to a bigger storage cubes. Now, a few months in, that cube is overflowing — plus, it's super-disorganized. I’d like to separate the different-shaped vibes from each other, find a way to sort the lube bottles, and figure out what to do with all these different charging cords. To add to the problem, I live in Brooklyn with two roommates and don’t have a lot of space to store, well, anything. What’s a newbie sex writer to do?
When storing sex toys, there's really no wrong answer — as long as you're storing them safely. "Make sure toys are thoroughly clean, disinfected, dried, and conditioned (if it’s leather) before storing them. Not only do you want your toys to be play-ready, but if you put your toys away dirty or not well cared for, they will degrade more quickly, and possibly become unsafe to play with," advises sex therapist Dulcinea Pitagora.
To figure it out, I assigned myself a story: I’d reach out to other sexuality professionals — sex writers, sex educators, sex workers, sex researchers, as well as people who just have a large collection of sex toys. I’m not talking about four or five different vibes here; I mean 20 different toys, at the least. Here’s what everyone said about storing their goodies.

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