We Tested This Easy $$-Saving Nail Hack For 3 Days — & Kind Of Love It

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When it comes to our nails, we've tried it all. From Crayola's nostalgic polishes to our exhaustive quest for the perfect nude shade — not to mention a three-hour Sailor Moon paint job and a $250 tarot manicure — we leave no lacquer bottle unshaken.

However, when we decided to put drugstore, press-on acrylic nails to the test for three days, our staffers got a little nervous. Whether it was the sheer amount of things that could go wrong, or just a fear of not being able to crack open our afternoon soda, they were hesitant. Luckily, we learned that they were easy to apply (once we got the sizing worked out), pretty darn durable (only one casualty!), and cute, too.

Watch the video above to catch all our thoughts on our three-day challenge wearing press-on acrylic nails. While we're certainly not ready to totally break-up with our Essie collection, our testers loved having another cheap, unexpectedly resilient, new option for our nail game.

What do you think about press-on nails? Leave your thoughts for us below.

Kiss False Nails, $6.99, available at Target.

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