Marble Nail Art Is The Chic & Understated Trend You Need To Try

Like polished Calacatta countertops and rose quartz crystals, a marbled manicure is inherently chic. But unlike the home decor in your Pinterest-designed L.A. dream pad, the nail trend — a glossy base polish with soft veins and swirls running over the top — is even better because it stays with you, and it costs a hell of a lot less than a kitchen remodel. Better still, you can easily DIY the look from the comfort of your couch with a base coat, an accent color, some polish remover, and a striping brush.

If you're still unsure of how to make it work on your nails, scroll through our guide for inspiration. Whether you're into sheer blush pinks, cotton-candy blue, or edgy gray polish, you'll find the marbled mani to match your vibe, ahead.

Get inspired by Lizzo's lavender marble manicure, which just so happens to match her outfit — making for the perfect #content opportunity.
Marbled nails are surprisingly simple to create at home, says manicurist Elle (the artist behind Blake Lively's Pokémon manicure). For branch-like veins that look soft and not stripe-y, she suggests diluting the white polish with acetone and painting on the lines with a super-thin striping brush. If you don't have acetone on hand, another pro trick is to mix a few drops of the color with a clear base coat, which creates a jelly-like texture that's a little easier to work with.
The best part about marbled nails? The beauty comes with the imperfection. The less precise your lines are, or the messier the sprinkle of gold glitter over top, the cooler the end result.
Alternating base colors, like juicy pink and tangerine orange, create a cool, tie-dyed vibe.
Bright polish knows no season, but this cool-toned lavender basically screams 'posted up poolside.'
If you've taken to the almond tip trend — filing your nails to a super rounded point — a rose quartz design adds another layer of sophistication.
To elevate your marbled mani beyond the expected pale pink, add another pastel — like baby blue — for a dreamy color play.
If you look closely, you can see that this marble design also features subtle gold veining, an unexpected complement to the cotton candy blue.
The quartz tend isn't exclusive to long nails or acrylics; it looks stunning on short nails, too. Here, manicurist Betina Goldstein DIY-ed the trend with Zoya's nail polish in Jordan (a soft pink) for the base.
If you're partial to darker shades, try a granite nail with a gray-blue base and white-and-silver accents.
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