7 Sexy Halloween Role Play Ideas

One of the best parts of Halloween is pretending to be someone or something you're not. And if you're already getting into costume and character, why not extend your Halloween role play into the bedroom?

Role play allows you to get out of your comfort zone and to act out any sexual fantasy you have. Have you always dreamt about a sexy repairperson coming to fix your dishwasher and seducing you instead? Make your dreams come true with nothing more than a willing partner and a tool belt.


While role play can be a fun, year-round activity for couples, Halloween does make it easier, thanks to the plethora of costumes at your fingertips. Ahead, we've suggested some to get your creative juices flowing.

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Sexy Farmer

Combine these cute overalls with a hat, and voila — you have a hottie who knows how to plow.
ASOS DESIGN ASOS DESIGN denim overall shorts in mid wash, $56.00 $35.25 Buy
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George of the Jungle

Let this leopard print thong fulfill fantasies you never knew you had.
Lovehoney LHM Leopard Print Thong for Men, $9.99 Buy
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In a vampire costume this hot, you won't have any trouble finding someone to let you suck their blood (or other things).
Halloween Costumes Women's Sexy Blood Lusting Vampire Costume, $129.99 Buy
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Who doesn't fantasize about a superhero in skintight latex climbing through their window?
Leg Avenue Captivating Crime Fighter Costume, $47.90 Buy
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Wonder Woman

Imagine what you could do with the lasso of truth...
Yandy Glamorous Wonderlady Costume, $85.95 Buy
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Put on this costume yourself or ask your partner to slip it on, and try to play a new, sexier version of The Quiet Game.
Yandy Silent Mime Honey Costume, $74.95 Buy
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Going to hell never felt so good.
Yandy Pentagram Devil Costume, $97.95 $78.26 Buy
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