7 Pairs Of Edible Underwear To Nibble Off Your Partner

If you’ve ever been to a sex shop, you’ve probably seen edible underwear. Like a candy necklace for your genitals, these sugary G-strings are a staple bachelor or bachelorette party favor. But although these novelties might seem cheesy, they can be a lot of fun, too.

Candy underwear has a surprisingly long history. The first edible panties brand, Candypants, was launched in Chicago back in 1975, created by novelty food entrepreneurs Lee Brady and David Sanderson. In a 2015 interview with public radio station KCRW, Sanderson described the night the pair came up with the idea, under the influence of apple-flavored wine and certain other substances. “Puff the Magic Dragon put the idea in our mind,” he said. “I remembered my older brother used to say, ‘eat my shorts.' Like ‘buzz off.’ We said, let’s make shorts you can eat! And everyone thought we were totally bonkers.”


The first pairs were made out of licorice, and were decidedly tongue-in-cheek (as well as tongue-in-other-places). “We approached it as conceptual art and as a sexual parody,” Sanderson told KCRW. According to People, at its peak, Candypants grossed $150,000 a month. 

While Candypants are still available, other entrepreneurs have incorporated different types of candy into their novelty panty designs. Thanks to the internet, there are now plenty of options to choose from.

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Neugaugh Candy G-string

This candy necklace-style G-string is marketed as "the sweetest accessory you can own!"

Neugaugh Candy G-string$11.25 Buy

Lingerie Diva Candy Love Ring

This sweet cock ring claims to deliver firmer erections, just like the non-edible variety.
Lingerie Diva Lingerie Diva Candy Cock Ring$3.89 Buy

Busuna Gas Works Edible Candy Posing Pouch

Edible underwear isn't just for vulvas!
Busuna Gas Works Edible Candy Posing Pouch$13.49 Buy

ABridalShop Gummy Underwear

These gummy undies come in two flavors: strawberry or watermelon.
ABridalShop Gummy Underwear$7.99 Buy

Candypants Candy Pants

You can't go wrong with the original.
Candypants Candy Pants$6.15 Buy

Rude Food Candy Nipple Tassels

This sweet fun isn't limited to underwear — there are nipple tassels available too.
Rude Food Candy Nipple Tassels$8.99 Buy

Rude Food Candy Bra

Or if you'd like a bit more candy coverage, you can choose an edible bra instead.
Rude Food Candy Bra$11.99 Buy
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