32 Sexy, Non-Cringeworthy Gifts To Buy With Your Partner

Mastering the art of giving “sexy” gifts is not something that comes easily to most. Well, alright, it doesn’t come easily to me or anyone I’ve ever dated. The first time I ever attempted a present of the R-rated variety was in high school, when I went to Spencer’s Gifts (not a great start) and bought a pair of fluffy, cherry-red handcuffs. Once I mustered up the courage to hand them over to my then-boyfriend — still in their Spencer’s bag and several days after his birthday — he promptly snapped them onto his own wrists with excitement.
“Oh,” I remember thinking disappointedly. “How do I tell him I actually want him to use them on me?”
And it wasn’t long before I learned that being on the receiving end of a misfired token of affection is equally as disheartening. To date, I’ve received lingerie in a baffling array of sizes, candy underwear that seemed suspiciously pre-nibbled, and one toy that was, frankly, so enormous I shrieked in fright the moment I saw it.
Long story short: I’ve learned through a whole lot of trial and error that the best way to find something you and your partner will both actually be excited about is to shop for your gifts together. Not only does scrolling through erotic merch provide a natural way to talk about fantasies you’d like to explore, but it also serves as a sort of pre-foreplay-foreplay that’s bound to get you excited to unwrap your new wares. Call your partner over to your screen right now, and check out a roundup of our favorite partner-friendly gifts.

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