I Was A Ben & Jerry's Flavor Guru For A Day & Here's What Happened

Our Ben & Jerry's obsession runs deep. We keep track of everything on store shelves, not to mention get misty-eyed over the memory of flavors past. But despite our love of all things ice cream, we realized we have no idea what actually goes into creating those cult faves like Chunky Monkey and Cookie Dough.

At Ben & Jerry's HQ, the people behind all the new pints are called "flavor gurus." They dream up, create, and perfect everything that makes it to market. To see what the life of a flavor guru is really like, our very own Lucie Fink traveled to Burlington, Vermont, to try her hand at creating a new flavor. Watch the video above to see her scoop with the pros and find out if her creation can hold up to the discerning palates of the Ben & Jerry's marketing team.

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