All The Sex Things You Need Before Heading Off To College

Prepping to leave for college feels like one big checklist; there's a list for all the school supplies you'll definitely need, a list for the extra clothes hangers you think you'll need, and a list for the cute dorm décor you won't really need (but will buy anyway). Amidst this sea of checklists, there's an important one that you might have missed: a sexual health list.

We're not just talking about protection, although that's definitely important. This list covers everything you need to be prepared for safe and enjoyable sex while on campus, if you do want to have sex in college (about 39% of college students are virgins). Ahead, we've rounded up a few sex-related essentials that you may want to add to your running college prep-list — or at least order from inside your cute dorm room.


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For anyone having sex with penis-having people, condoms are probably at the top of the college sex checklist. For people having sex with vagina-havers, condoms can also be cut open to serve as makeshift dental dams, or used on shared sex toys. But if you either feel uncomfortable about buying them at the local drugstore, or can't afford condoms, then visit your college health center: Chances are good that there will be a bowl full of condoms and no one will bat an eye when you grab a handful.
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Dental Dams

For oral sex on vaginas — because you need to use protection when you do that, too — dental dams are a sheet of latex that you lay over someone's vulva when you go down on them, protecting you from STIs that can spread through tiny cuts in your mouth. They generally aren't as readily available as condoms, but your your college health center should have some.
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Because all sex is better when you add a little bit of lube. Lube comes in two main types: water-based and silicone-based. Silicone-based lube is generally slicker and longer-lasting, so it's great for things like anal sex or shower sex (not that you really want to have sex in communal college bathrooms). But, silicone lube breaks down silicone sex toys — so if you're mainly planning to use lube with toys, then you're going to want to go with a water-based formula like Sliquid.
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Sex Toys

Because college is all about exploration, and your body is worth exploring both solo and with a partner. Many people get their first sex toy after leaving home, because being away from your parents' house may mean that you finally have more sexual freedom. So, go ahead and wait until you're at school to order your starter vibrator, if you want. And don't worry, sex toy companies often send products in totally inconspicuous packaging. So the people who log dorm mail aren't going to know what's in your box. (Do your roommates a solid and look for a quiet toy, because dorm walls are notoriously paper-thin.)
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Sex Toy Cleaner

Make sure you're cleaning your sex toys properly after each use! Even if you're using sex toys for masturbation but not partnered sex, bacteria can build up over time. While you can use a mild, unscented soap and water, keeping a sex toy cleaner on hand might help you remember to clean your toys — and it saves you from having to explain to your roommate just why that lavender-scented soap won't work for you.
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Wet Wipes

All that sweat, friction, and fluid can sometimes result in a little bit of a swampy situation post-sex. Freshen up down there with single-use biodegradable wipes that offer a quick clean without disrupting your vagina's pH.
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Ear Plugs

For sensory deprivation (if you're into that), but also for drowning out your roommate's sexcapades.
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Birth Control & PrEP

Condoms are only 98% effective if you use them correctly every single time — and even then, sometimes they break. So, if pregnancy is a concern, consider starting birth control before you head to orientation. And if you're worried about HIV, consider asking your doctor about PrEP because it's always good to have a backup plan.
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An Overnight Bag

Because college hookups never seem to happen when you're totally prepared, be like a camp counselor and make sure you're always prepared. Pack a small bag with condoms, lube, extra contacts and solution, breath mints, underwear, and anything else you need to feel like an actual human when you wake up in someone else's bed. Carry it with you any time there's even a tiny chance of a hookup.
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A Comfortable Rug

Because those dorm room beds are really only made for one person. Sometimes, you might want to skip trying to squeeze two full-grown people into a bed made for a child. And, if you're going to have sex on the floor, it'll be so much more enjoyable with a fluffy rug cushioning you.
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The Kama Sutra

Or at least a few good links to informative sex position roundups. Most people aren't super experienced with sex when they first start college. But missionary position gets old fast, friends. So do yourself a favor, and read up on some other fun things you might want to try.
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