How To Give Your Office Desk The Ultimate Back-To-School Makeover

Photographed by Claire Pepper.
Back in the day, heading back to school wasn't complete without freshly-curated school supplies. Restocking our planner, binder, notebook, pencil, and pen stash made us feel organized and equipped to attack whatever that chemistry class might hurl at us. Even when it turned out that we weren't so prepared to tackle thermodynamics, at least our color-coordinated notes looked fresh-to-death. And that was something to work for.
Today we've swapped pop quizzes and midterms for early morning meetings and late-afternoon conference calls, but the confidence-boosting power of our old back-to-school ways can still apply to our adult lives. Only instead of buying supplies for classes and lockers, now we're shopping for work desk essentials. Ahead are ten sharp buys that will take you and your workspace from end-of-summer slump to a balling-for-fall mentality. All it takes is sleek organization solutions, classic color-coordination, and a few unique finds to streamline your spot. The next time Susan schedules a 9 a.m. Monday "regroup," just remember how fresh your work desk looks. You and your rainbow Le Pen assortment got this.
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