7 Travel Influencer Couples To Follow (& Secretly Envy)

It's hard not to be envious of the life of an Instagram travel influencer. We often find ourselves living vicariously through photos of these social media pros, as they lounge in pools, sample exotic cuisines, and pose in front of incredible landscapes. Jet setting for a living sounds like the ultimate dream — especially when you get to do it with your significant other.

The genre of the "traveling Instagram couple" took off when Murad and Nataly Osmann — the husband-and-wife duo who pioneered the "follow me to" photo series — became an overnight viral sensation. The visual of a photogenic couple looking all loved up at dreamy locales around the world strikes a chord with the deepest desires for many of us: Having the perfect romantic partner to explore the world with.

These days, it takes more than a PDA-filled photo to become an aspirational twosome on social media. We've rounded up seven snap-happy globetrotters that have mastered the art of the#baecation photo.

Scott and Colette, @roamaroo
This couple quit their corporate jobs two years ago and became full-time travel influencers and Youtube vloggers. Their feed is packed with active snapshots, from challenging hikes to kayaking excursions.
Sebastian and Espe, @twotrends
After meeting each other in Miami, this young couple — with backgrounds in architecture and journalism — decided to embark on a career together as fashion and travel influencers. The duo certainly makes an impression with their slick personal style and loving gaze for one another.
Jack and Lauren, @doyoutravel & @gypsea_lust
With a combined following of over five million, this modelesque duo are the big shots in the influencer sphere. Their intricately-detailed photos have earned them a six-figure salary just from sponsorships alone.
Mike and Gabriel, @cupofcouple
The award-winning blogging duo specialize in fashion and travel content. Their excellent edit of cool cafés and gorgeous design hotels is worth hitting the follow button for.
Selena and Jacob, @finduslost
Hailing from California, this twentysomething couple jump started their influencer career by embarking on a three-month road trip to Europe. On their account, you'll find lots of gorgeous city photos.
Angela and Tino, @dutchnomadcouple
These lovebirds join the ranks of other couples who ditched their corporate careers for global adventures. Their footprints mostly cover tropical destinations, from Caribbean islands to the beach towns of Mexico.
Lorenza and Ilenia, @lorenzatessari
Currently based in Canada, the pair frequently posts heartwarming photos of themselves in close embrace. This couple loves exploring serene natural landscapes hand-in-hand, from frozen lakes to lavender fields.
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