Cheap Thrills: 10 Powerful Vibrators Under $50

When some of the best vibrators cost $75, $100, $200, and more, it's hard not to think of these helpful masturbating tools as a luxury. But not being able to spend that kind of cash on a sexy toy shouldn't be a barrier to self-pleasure. If you want a vibrator, you should be able to easily buy one and find one in your budget.

Luckily, there are plenty of sex toys in every price range. But just remember that vibrators are often expensive for a reason. High-end silicone and motors that run whisper-quiet require materials and craftmanship that drive up the price. So if companies are using the best products to create their toys, then their vibes are going to be more expensive. (If you can afford a more expensive toy, they're certainly worth the investment.) And, when buying cheaper toys, you'll want to make sure that the materials are safe to put in and on your body.


Still, it's absolutely possible to find inexpensive and (mostly) safe vibes. So, we've rounded up some of the best toys out there that cost $50 or less. You're welcome.

It's not easy to find cheap vibrators that go inside your body, so the Wonderlust Serenity Vibe is perfect for anyone who wants internal stimulation instead of external. The bulging head is angled for G-spot stimulation and the long handle makes it easy to slide in and out.
BMS Enterprises Wonderlust Serenity Vibe$45.00 Buy
The Satisfyer is a little different than most vibrators because it doesn't actually vibrate. Instead, it sends waves of pressure around your vulva. Put the head directly on your clit for an intense feeling or just above your clitoris for a more subdued (but still powerful) sensation.
Satisfyer Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation$49.95 $33.49 Buy
It's no accident that this PinkCherry vibrator looks kind of like a tongue. The toy's silky smooth silicone and textured tip almost mimic real oral sex.
PinkCherry Incredible Oral Tongue Vibe in Pink$23.99 Buy
Vibrators aren't always solo toys. And, luckily, there are budget-friendly cock-ring options for couples who are looking to add a little vibe to their sex life.
JimmyJane CONTROL by Sir Richard's Pipe Clamp Silicone C-Ring$20.00 Buy
The power-packed punch of this cute little Zip Vibe from Unbound proves why every sex toy collection deserves a bullet vibrator. (Just remember that fun things can come in small packages).
Unbound Zip Vibe$18.00 Buy
Use the thinner, pointed side of Iroha's mini, palm-sized vibe to provide targeted sensation to your clitoris and the wider side to feel vibrations against your whole vulva.

Note: This toy is made with elastomer, which is a porous material. That means bacteria can get inside the toy. You'll want to wash it carefully with anti-bacterial soap or consider using a condom over it.
Iroha Vibe iroha mini Fuji-Lemon$25.00 Buy
Okay, so Luna Beads technically aren't a vibrator. But, as you move around with these weighted balls inside you, they do create slight vibrations. Plus, they're great for getting in your daily kegels (you know, the vaginal exercises that can lead to stronger orgasms).
LELO LUNA Beads Noir$44.90 $35.92 Buy
The Bean is a colorful external vibe perfect for beginners. Its flat surface provides a general sensation over your entire genital area, rather than the targeted vibrations of most other vibrators.
Unbound Bean$36.00 Buy
This toy is made with a super-soft, textured elastomer that feels good against your skin. It has four different vibration modes and three vibration strengths, and is totally waterproof (for lots of sexy bathtub fun).

Note: This toy also uses elastomer, a porous material, so bacteria can grow inside it. You'll want to wash the toy carefully with anti-bacterial soap or consider using a condom over it.
Iroha Vibe iroha zen MATCHA$35.00 Buy
Many people probably don't know that popular condom brand Trojan also makes sex toys, and that they're cheap. But more than just being cheap and easy to find (you can buy them at your local Target), these vibes are also pretty powerful. The Ultra Touch is a bullet vibe covered in soft silicone. Slip it over your finger to use as a fingertip massager or take the silicone off to use as a bullet vibrator.
Trojan Ultra Touch Intense Personal Massager$16.29 Buy
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