The Best Body Glitters For An Extra-Sparkly Halloween

Whether you're going the classic route by dressing up as a slinky cat or an extra-evil witch, or looking to pop culture to disguise yourself as Kylie Jenner & Stormi or Black Mirror's Ashley O, your Halloween costume can most definitely benefit from a little bit of glitter.

In fact, some of this year's most popular costumes call for it. For example, imagine dressing up as any Euphoria character without using some kind of shimmer. Same goes if you're thinking about going as the perennially-sparkly Lizzo.


Now the good thing about these formulations is that compared to glitter eyeliner or hairspray, which might not last through a dance party, sparkly lotions, perfumes, and sunscreens are way less messy — just make sure any glitter goes in the trash after being removed, not down the drain.

Not sure which body glitter will work for you? We've rounded up the best, ahead.

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Milk Makeup Glitter Stick

Swiping this stick across your collarbone and shoulders leaves your skin with an icy, rainbow sparkle that's a perfect complement to any costume — spooky or sweet.
Milk Makeup Glitter Stick$30.00 Buy

IGK House Party Hair + Body Glitter Stick

Have you ever scooped glitter out of a jar and tried to stick it to your chest or face? It's a disaster, which is exactly why IGK created this glitter-infused push-pop that rolls long-lasting sparkle directly onto your skin and hair. Swipe this on your cheeks and consider yourself Euphoria-ready.

Frank Body Shimmer Scrub

You know something is worth trying if 50,000 people were on a waitlist to get their hands on it. And if you're looking for glitter that looks more like Rihanna's shoulders covered in Body Lava, or Lizzo every time she hops up on stage, this body scrub is for you. It's meant to be used in the shower, so you can spend the time it would take to paint yourself with body bronzer practicing your best stage-worthy twerk.

Tarte Gleam Beam Shimmer Spray

Do you want to look like you've just rolled around in a pool of fairy dust? Then spritz this face-and-body shimmer spray from head to toe. You'll be shining so bright your friends could probably spot you from across a pitch-black house party.

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom

Prefer a powder over a liquid? Invest in Rihanna's go-to glitter puff that pats on super-fine, rose-gold glitter wherever your heart desires.

Unicorn Snot Body Glitter SPF 30 Sunscreen 

Going to a Halloween day party? First of all, consider yourself lucky because chances are you're in bed by 9 p.m. Second of all, feel free to coat yourself with this sunscreen that helps protects your skin with glitter. It's unscented, gentle enough for the face and body, and lasts all day (the glitter; not the SPF).

Sea Star Sparkle SPF 50+ Rainbow Glitter Sunscreen

In case you don't want to look like a shattered disco ball, you can also consider this glitter sunscreen — with a whopping SPF 50! — that leaves behind a super-sheer wash of shimmer.

Pinrose Sun Saint Shimmer Mist

This shimmery mist doubles as a perfume, so even after party-hopping for hours on end, you'll still smell better than you did when you woke up.
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