Sex Toys Can Be Intimidating — But These Aren't, I Swear

I bought my first sex toy when I was 22 years old and, after hearing all about the wonders of vibrators from my girlfriend at the time, was finally ready to see what all the hubbub was about. It looked almost exactly like the toy in this photo — just a simple, straight, untextured vibrator. I bought it because I had no idea what I was doing (and because it cost $12).

While it wasn't the most exciting of sex toys, and I've definitely upgraded since, that trusty little vibrator performed beyond expectations for me. It taught me that I actually do like penetrative sex and that masturbation can last for more than five minutes.

But like plenty of other people who are finally intrigued enough to scroll through seemingly endless lists of available toys, I could've used some help. So I'm here to help you.

Ahead, I've roundup up some of the best sex toys for beginners, whether you're looking for a simple vibrator (like the one I bought) or are interested in anal play and need a butt plug recommendation. Have fun!

Butt plugs can be daunting for beginners because there are all kinds of sizes, materials, and shapes to choose from. If you're just getting started, look for one like the Don Juan, which is small and made of smooth silicone so it slides in easily (but you'll definitely still need lube!)

The Don Juan also has bonus features in the ridges and the curve, both of with will help stimulate your prostate if you have one and hit every nerve on the rim.
Don Juan Don Juan Silicone Anal Toy, $26.00 Buy
Finger vibes are an amazing addition to solo play or partnered sex. They're also good for beginners, because they tend to be less powerful than larger vibrators. The Fin Finger Vibe offers multiple sensations, thanks to one side that has a more targeted-pinpoint stimulation. If that's too intense, you can also slide the vibe further down your finger so it adds a slight vibration to your fingertips.
Dame Products Fin Finger Vibe, $75.00 Buy
Bullet vibes are perfect beginner toys because they're small, usually inexpensive, and have only a few different settings so you won't get overwhelmed with options. The Je Joue offers a little more variety than your typical bullet, though, with five speeds and seven patterns. This one also comes in three different shapes. Get a traditional straight-edge bullet, a curved G-spot vibe, or one that has rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation.
Je Joue Je Joue Bullet Vibe, $59.00 Buy
If you're unsure if you want a toy that's meant for your clit or one that's supposed to reach your G-spot, then the Ooh Her Name Is Rio set could be a tie-breaker (or help you realize that you like both). It's a "mix, match, and play" design that comes with a rechargeable motor and two attachments: the Pebble for external play and the Classic for penetration.
Ooh By Je Joue Ooh Her Name is Rio Set, $70.00 Buy
If you can, make sure your first-time toy is versatile, since you're not sure yet what type of toy gets you off best. Babeland's Dahlia is a perfect example, because it has both a long enough shaft and a slight curve to be a G-spot toy and a rosebud shape at the tip that will hug your clit when you use it externally.
Babeland Babeland Dahlia, $89.00 Buy
External vibrators like magic wands are beyond popular among people who have clitorises, but they can be powerful so it's probably best to start with one that's relatively inexpensive. Try this mini wand from Lovehoney, which is basic but still has eight speeds and vibration patterns.
Lovehoney Lovehoney 8 Function Mini Wand Vibrator, $39.99 Buy
If embarrassment has kept you from buying your very own sex toy, then consider a discreet toy like this Rianne S. Heart. You could leave it out on the coffee table and no one would be the wiser. (Though I should probably clarify that there's nothing embarrassing about sex or masturbation.) The whole heart vibrates, has 10 settings, and is coated in soft silicone — so feel free to brush it along whatever part of the body you want.
RIANNE S Rianne S. Heart Vibe, $34.00 Buy
Considering anal play? Look for a line of plugs that has multiple sizes so you can start small and move up if you want. Snug Plugs are popular for beginners, thanks to their range in sizes, and a tapered shape that makes insertion easier. They're also weighted, which will create an incredible feeling of fullness and pressure.
B-Vibe Snug Plug, $45.00 Buy
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