10 Ankle Tattoos Everyone Will Be Getting This Summer

Like side-boob tattoos or finger tattoos, part of the appeal of an ankle tattoo is that it's cute and coy. With a roll of a pant leg or the transition from boots to sandals, whatever design you have living below your calf is revealed — making it the perfect tattoo to get for summer.

Getting a tattoo in the summer does make for a fussier healing process (chlorine and extended sun exposure are big no-nos for tattoo aftercare), but it's hard to deny that our ink shines brightest during the sunny season. After all, with our bootcut pants and turtleneck sweaters tucked away in storage, our skin is finally getting its 15 minutes — so why shouldn't our tattoos?


Need inspiration for your next ankle tattoo? Ahead, we rounded up some of our recent favorite designs.

The ankle is a prime spot for tiny tattoos, like this mini initial created by tattoo artist Wicky Nicky.
A floral tattoo fits perfectly on the inside of your ankle, too.
Get inspired by this sprig of lavender — and teeny-tiny bumblebee — created by Hannah Kang at New York's Nice Tattoo Parlor.
Or make it a fruit tattoo instead.
Hard-pressed for a sentimental design? Consider getting your best friend's zodiac sign to show how much you love them.
You don't have to go to a conservatory to spot a butterfly — you can get a kaleidoscope of the colorful insects right on your foot.
Don't care for all the intricate details? Opt for a simple leafy design, like this one by Lara Maju, instead.
Or get creative and swap out the black for a white-ink tattoo.
There's no better time to show off your matching sister tattoos than during the summer.
If your idea of paradise includes sand, sun, and sea, then this cute wave tattoo is for you.
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