31 Looks To Jumpstart Your Summer Style

As stores, outdoor restaurants, and workplaces begin to open up around the world — even if, in some places, they really shouldn’t — so, too, do opportunities to get dressed again, in something other than pajamas and nightgowns, that is. After two months spent indoors wearing nothing more than sweatsuits and fuzzy socks, followed by two more months in boxers and tank tops, changing back into non-quarantine attire is going to take some adjusting to; as I recently discovered, putting together a truly, well-put-together outfit these days isn’t quite as easy as riding a bike. At least not without a dose of inspiration to get you started. 

To solve the sartorial dilemma at hand, we went ahead and scoured Instagram’s finest fashion accounts for summer looks worth copying, from bikini tops paired with wide-leg trousers to slinky sundresses dressed up with cowboy boots (practical, I know). Find an outfit (or 31, for every day in July) that’ll get you excited to get dressed again by clicking through the slideshow ahead. You’ll be back to winning best-dressed again in no time.

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Real tops are optional when it's July in quarantine.
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Don't be alarmed if the only items you see us wearing all summer fall under the ribbed loungewear category.
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Onesies for summer 2020.
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Going somewhere or not, cowboy boots are always the right call.
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A casual backyard photoshoot calls for a maxi dress and blazer.
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Jean, jean, and more jean.
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No shoes, no problem.
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Who else has wholly disregarded the no-shoes-indoors rule since quarantine started?
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When in quarantine, play with clashing patterns and colors. This is the time to experiment.
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Style with a side of Fruit Loops.
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*Shades on*
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Tie-dye: the reigning champ of quarantine fashion.
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Any occasion — even if it's just a trip to the farmer's market — to dress up should be taken very seriously.
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Orange you glad you clicked on this story so that you could witness this tangerine dream?
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Fact: We'll never be pressured into wearing real pants again.
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*Pulls out a blazer for the first time since March.*
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Any look can be made even better with the addition of a really big sun hat.
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In lieu of bonfires and s'mores, this flame-print dress will more than do.
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The '70s are back.
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Big earrings make the heart grow fonder.
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What's more 2020? An extra big hat or an extra big tote bag? Hell, let's just add both.
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When a whole outfit is too hard, just start with jeans. Then follow up with a crewneck and baseball cap combo.
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When in doubt, put a blazer over it.
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Dresses with jeans? We're so in.
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A ruffled mini dress will always hold a place in our summer wardrobes.
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The summer dressing possibilities are endless — and they include wearing dresses that are totally sheer.
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Who else is already checked out for the long weekend — vacation plans or no vacation plans?
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More (almost) topless outfits, please!
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Nothing puts the finishing touch on an outfit quite like a pair of neon orange sneakers, am I right?
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Why not wear couture at home?
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Loafers and socks. Socks and loafers.
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