Useful Items To Enhance Your WFH Skills In 2021

For many of us, working remotely has become a way of life. But, no matter how long we've been taking Zoom calls from our kitchens, the shift from office desk to home desk is a still little draining. Luckily, there's a ton of virtual support out there to help us gear up a streamlined workflow track for the new year and amp up some WFH motivation. We harnessed our product-hunting prowess to bring us seasoned telecommuters in need of a new year refresh a collection of work-from-home organization items you can order online and receive ASAP.

We're taking our top WFH tips and pairing them with multiple product suggestions: starting small with time-management notepads and butt-support cushions, then moving up to bigger fish like standing desks and tech organizational systems. Scroll on to get in tip-top shape for giving this remote-productivity thing a run for its money all year long.


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Create A Dedicated Workspace

A dedicated workspace looks different for everyone depending on the size and layout of your space — but, a good place to start is with an at-home desk.

Whether you want to go for a more streamlined standing setup, a wall-mounted system, an in-bed/on-couch lap desk, or a classic standalone model, finding the proper pedestal for your work will enhance your abilities to complete it.

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Invest In A Tech Setup

If working from a laptop at home feels restricting, compared to your previously more expansive in-office layout, try investing in a larger monitor, connective cables, wireless keyboard, and mouse to open things up.

There are plenty of more affordable separate screen options (aka under-$100) out there if you're on a tighter budget — plus, when you're no longer WFH, they can serve as an extra TV for elevated Netflix streaming in bed.
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Organize Your Desk Essentials

Now that you've got your workspace carved out, it's time to streamline the essentials — from paper goods to larger tech items, invest in organizational systems that elevate your WFH setup by keeping clutter at bay for a more unencumbered workflow.

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Support Your Body

Finding the right body support for your WFH setup is key — and whether you invest in the entire chair, add a seat cushion, or go the foot-riser route, make sure it's a product with ergonomic benefits. Aka one that provides your entire body with proper alignment and pressure-relief for prolonged periods of sitting.
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Set Firm Work Hours & Wellness Reminders

While we rely heavily on our smartphones and computers for keeping track of time, reverting back to a dedicated timekeeper can help tighten productivity AND remind us to take breaks. Try using everything from a journal that holds you accountable to a time-management clock that carves out and alerts you on anywhere from five to 60-minute work periods — so you can get up and stretch your legs before getting back to it.

For some bonus wellness points, add in a smart water bottle that either marks off hydration time OR gives you a glowing reminder to keep sipping.
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Keep Track Of Priorities

Again, keeping virtual to-do lists may have worked for our previously more in-transit schedules — but in a stuck-at-home setting, sometimes getting back to our hand-written roots is most impactful.

Try keeping either a physical productivity planner (that you can also use for mindfulness journalling) or a strategically prompted to-do pad that will help you keep your workflow (and your mind) clean, clear, and ready for action.
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Enhance Your Atmosphere

Successfully working from home doesn't just hinge upon balancing your employment priorities, it's even more important to maintain a self-balance too. Adding certain atmosphere-enhancing goods to your space can help elevate your mood for a healthier and more productive daily workflow.

Think everything from ambiance-boosting desk lamps to air purifiers, plants, desk diffusers, and candles.
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Build A New Work Wardrobe

While one of the best things about WFH is getting to wear whatever the heck we want, sometimes staying in the same pair of PJs for three days straight can make us feel a little less than productive — which is why it's worth investing in (or revisiting if you already own) a few chic-but-comfy clothing essentials.

Opt for matching loungewear sets that look stylish while feeling super soft, or go the flowy house-dress route for an easy elegant look that won't make you too buttoned up.
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