These Are The Best Standing Desks To Get In 2021 (According To Reviews)

If you haven't already heard: Sitting is pretty terrible for you.
According to research, sitting for more than eight hours a day without physical activity is harmful to your body, and studies have even compared the health horrors of extended sitting to smoking. And yet, for most people working in corporate America (even if it's from home these days and not an office), our waking hours are spent sitting at a desk.
We sit down first thing in the morning, take a lap around the house or grab a quick snack, and are back to sitting until the evening rolls around. While some of the negative effects of constant sitting can be countered by walking or standing breaks and vigorous exercise, there's another easy fix to really break the habit: standing desks.
A standing desk is an ergonomically friendly option for those who want to lessen the impact of working at a computer day in and day out. These desks may not solve all health problems — as standing all day without physical exercise is also not ideal — but they certainly feel like a step in the right direction. After all, spending less time sitting and more time moving is an easy thing you can do to improve your health.
Unfortunately, standing desks tend to be pretty pricey and thus not accessible to everyone. In fact, some fancier models can range from $700 to over four figures. For this reason, we scoured the internet and put together a list of highly rated standing desks that will help your back — without hurting your wallet.
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